Sunday, 02-06-2013

This morning, Alice and I surprisingly woke up in time for breakfast (and boy am I glad we did!) Breakfast included eggs, bacon, and cereal. But perhaps most importantly, there was bread and peanut butter so we knew that we could always at least have toast with peanut butter if there was nothing else we liked in the morning! We met some really nice girls at breakfast, and afterwards headed out to the athletic fields to watch different sports games.

Girl’s basketball was pretty fun to watch, and started around 9am. After watching their game for a bit, we headed over to boys football (soccer) which had many more spectators. Apparently, because MaP was playing a government school (which, according to one girl “doesn’t really do academics, so all they do all day is play football”) we lost 4-0. However, we were told that MaP is very good compared to other private schools (some of which they should be playing next week).

Jennifer was channeling her mother (who is the quintessential soccer mom) and yelling at the guys whenever they did something wrong. It was pretty funny to watch, and pretty clear that both her and I miss the sport a lot (and therefore would like to help with girl’s football sometime in the near future!) Afterwards, we headed over to lunch (which was at 1, aka the reason why I was glad I went to breakfast!)

Then, one of the most exciting things happened – we got Wi-Fi! Yes, it was slow, and yes, we had to sit on the ground outside one of the buildings to use it, but it was still felt so good to be able to connect to the outside world (and especially let my worrying parents know that I had safely made it to Gabs!)

We then went to dinner, and then got a tour of the girl’s boarding house. This is where all the female boarders live, and we got to meet the headmistress of the house (Felicity) and she showed us around and briefly told us what our “prep duties” would be each night (making sure the girls were in bed at the right time, that they were doing their homework, etc.)

Then some of us sat around in our room (clearly the social hub for the interns on campus!) to chat. However, we wanted to get to bed quite early (especially since Alice has breakfast duty tomorrow, so she and I are going to need to be at the caf at 6:05am tomorrow). I read a little more of Prof. Gilbert’s book, and then finally went to bed around 8:45.

TGT: 1) Wi-Fi to connect with the world! 2) The bread at dinner (which kinda reminded us of fried dough!) 3) eggs, toast and peanut butter at breakfast



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