Wednesday 05-06-2013

Today we got to sleep in until 5:55 (since neither Alice nor I had prep duty). We both thoroughly enjoyed our ten extra minutes of sleep (but actually). After breakfast we headed to the school-wide assembly (assemblies take place every Tuesday and Wednesday morning, just for 10 minutes). At the assembly, two girls showed a slideshow they made of their month-long stay at the Brook School in MA! The slideshow actually started with a picture of a Massachusetts license plate, and I became super excited and nostalgic.

After that, I had two blocks completely free, and it was nice to just chill for a bit. I worked on my blog, and also started making an SAT prep sheet for the MaP scholars. The sheet includes tips such as how to relax/avoid test anxiety, how to deal with multiple choice questions, what to bring to the test, etc.

Next it was time to proctor a chemistry exam! The students were all very well behaved, but it was still a little nerve-wracking being in charge of everyone (and making sure people weren’t cheating). I was amazed at how loud their surroundings were, though. To the left of the classroom, there was a PE class playing basketball and to the right of the classroom was a PE class playing football. As I was passing out the tests, one of the girls asked if I was the Harvard intern who was studying psychology. I told her that I was, and she asked if she could talk to me after. Unfortunately, she finished her test while other people were still taking the test, but I was able to give her my email address.

After the successful proctoring of the chem exam, I had another free period and then lunch. After lunch, all of the interns met to plan out our SAT course for the MaP scholars, and then I headed down to the maths clinic.
When I first left for MaP, my dad told me that he thought my experience working at MaP might be pretty similar to his summer experience working at St. Paul’s. And it turns out he was spot on. The first girl I worked with was named Amanda and she reminded me of myself (she even said her dad helped her a little bit with her homework!) She was full of energy and very bright, and, truth be told, probably didn’t really need to be at the maths clinic. She had a pretty good grasp of concepts, and really only needed to go over a few things to make sure she understood them before her test tomorrow.

I actually felt really bad because at first, I didn’t know how to solve her sequencing homework the way she had been taught. After a while, though, I got the hang of it, but I kept apologising to her. She was so sweet, though, and kept reiterating how glad she was that she had come to the maths clinic. Before she left, she gave me a huge hug and kept thanking me. It really made me feel so great (even though she did all of the work, I was really only there to occasionally coax her in the right direction).

During this session, the funniest thing happened. Daniel walked in to see if more help was needed, and Amanda asks him, “where are you from?” Daniel responded by saying Harvard, and when that didn’t satisfy her, he said California. Then Amanda asked, “and also China?” We both laughed, and Daniel answered yes. Then Amanda goes on to note “you don’t have an accent. That’s cool, because all of my friends from China have accents.” Daniel, not quite knowing what to say, replied with a sheepish thanks. After Daniel had walked away, Amanda turns to me and goes “I just wish I could record his voice and share it with all my Chinese friends!” She is really something else!
After Amanda, I worked with another girl, who wasn’t nearly as strong in maths (but I guess that’s the point of having a maths clinic!) I was working with her on writing out different equations, and I was having a really difficult time showing her that if two things equal the same variable, they can be set equal to each other. When she finally got it, though, I felt really successful (and hopefully she’ll be able to get it tomorrow on her test without me!)

I then chilled for a bit (I was surprisingly exhausted after tutoring for 90 minutes!) and afterwards went for another short run. This one was a lot better, though, since I went around 5:15 when the sun was already setting, and it was therefore much cooler. The dryness, however, was still a large issue.

Then, Alice, Daniel, Jennifer and I headed to Riverwalk again to eat at a Brazilian steakhouse with one of the history teachers and one of the Princeton in Africa fellows (who will be working for Deval Patrick starting in July!) Alice and I (even though we’re roommates) didn’t realize that we were literally dressed as twins until we were waiting for a taxi to take us to Riverwalk. We both had on jeans, flats, a blue shirt and a pink sweater.
When we got to the steakhouse, everyone ordered the endless meat dinner (like in Bridesmaids!) but I saw that there was an avocado salad on the menu, and I ended up getting that instead (like I said, I am so so desperate for greens now, a salad was literally amazing!)

TGT: 1) working with/being entertained by Amanda 2) delicious avocado salad 3) successfully proctoring a chem exam (and having a girl come and ask me about psych)


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