06-06-2013: PICTURES and more MaP fun

Today is 6/6 – one of only two days (also 7/7) where the interns and the school will always agree on the correct writing of the date (since Americans are used to writing it month/day while here they write it day/month). Today Alice and I woke up crazy-late (6:30) because we wanted a break from the early morning breakfast routine. The funny thing is, both she and I started stirring around 6 and ironically enough, I don’t think either one of us actually slept during that last half hour from 6-6:30 (but hey, resting is better than being up and about/having breakfast duty!) We then had breakfast in our room – a yummy, Wheaties-like cereal, bread with peanut butter and pears!

After that it was on to the staff meeting. It turns out that once the Harvard interns arrive, a lot of teachers suddenly become “sick” since they know that there will be people to cover their classes (like the chem test I had to proctor yesterday). Since I didn’t have to cover any classes first period, I headed to the library.

While there, I tutored a girl in maths. It was nice since she was doing the exact same thing that I was helping the girls with in the maths clinic yesterday (solving simultaneous equations). I think I was finally able to get through to her, but I was a tad worried since we didn’t have time to go through all of her questions (and her test was later that day).

Later, after some delicious sandwiches at 9, Daniel and I were able to sit in on Mr. Laverick teaching maths to “our” form 3 students. Well, actually Daniel unfortunately wasn’t able to sit in on the lesson, since three of the students showed up late to class, so Mr. Laverick sent them to detention, which involved picking up trash around campus during maths class (with Daniel as their supervisor). I thought this was terribly unproductive since the kids who were picking up trash were the ones who needed the most help in maths.

So while Daniel was out patrolling the detention students, I was able to sit in (and take copious notes) on the maths class. One of the most surprising things Mr. Laverick told me was that, out of a 50 minute period, he never spends more than 5-10 minutes at the board (simply because the children won’t be engaged for longer than that). Today he started at the board for about 5 minutes, then had the kids work on some review problems, then went back to teaching at the board again, and finally had the kids work on some more problems (and what they didn’t finish they had to do for homework). It’ll be interesting to see how many kids (if any) actually complete this homework for tomorrow.

At lunch, we were interviewed by a girl named Lucy who is a member of the school newspaper and had quite a few questions for us, such as what Harvard was like, what we thought of Bots, how our first week was, etc. After that, I pretty much had the afternoon free. Instead of going on a run, I decided that I wanted to take some pictures around MaP so you all would be able to see this lovely campus. Hopefully you can see everything here https://picasaweb.google.com/104071111771440864502/20130606MaPInGeneral#
While I was walking around with my camera, a group of girls asked me to take their photo, which I did. I stayed around for a bit, and it was really wonderful just talking with these girls. They all wanted to go to Harvard, one of them had a November birthday, another one was a track sprinter and a third had bright pink nails. The girls kept asking me questions about life in the US and if it was anything like in the movies. I stayed with these girls for the better part of an hour, just talking and comparing our lives across the Atlantic.

After that, I was able to Skype with my mum! It was a little strange, though, since I only have internet in a public spot, but still it was better than nothing! It was strange seeing my house, and the leafy trees behind my mom on the computer screen. Then Daniel and I (or Mr. and Mrs. Kee/Ki, as we realized) practiced our SAT prep lesson for tomorrow, and soon thereafter we all headed to dinner. At first we thought dinner was going to be relatively appetizing, since it looked like lasagna. And it was lasagna. It’s just that it was fish lasagna, which unfortunately was not very well prepared. As if the cafeteria workers knew that we wouldn’t like tonight’s meal, they had left out bread, so thankfully I was able to have toast with sugar on it and a pear when I got home, as well as some more cereal (which is turning out to be quite the lifesaver!)

I was all set on having a relaxing night just reading/writing, but then Goitse (who is the only MaP scholar who is a boarder) invited Alice and me to play SmartAss with her and some of the other form 6 girls. We were also joined by two Roxbury Latin exchange students, and an incredibly smart boy from MaP (who was, according to one of the form 6 girls, “too smart to play against us.”) I was amazed by this boy, though, who knew practically all the answers to the questions asked in this game – questions that were very American-culture based. In fact, Alice and I had to leave early, and once we left, the girls all agreed that this super-smart guy could start playing, but he had to start from the beginning of the game (and I’d be willing to bet that he won, too!) When Goitse said he had to start from the bottom (of the board game), she burst into Drake’s song, which amused me to no end.

TGT: 1) chatting with the girls at the football pitch for a good hour 2) toast with sugar/delicious cereal for dinner 3) being able to help someone with maths in the library

Until next time,


3 thoughts on “06-06-2013: PICTURES and more MaP fun

  1. Julia! I just finished reading your posts – This is so great. Thank you for sharing! It sounds like you are having a fabulous time, and I’m really enjoying following along. 🙂

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