Sunday 09-06-2013: Picnic

Oh what a glorious thing it is to wake up with sunshine! Even though we had to be up at 8, it felt luxuriously late, and the sun really does help you wake up more naturally! We were off to Alan (a MaP teacher’s) plot of land to have a nice picnic brunch. I had a quick breakfast in our room, and then Alice and I packed a lot of the groceries I had bought yesterday (the whole loaf of bread, the peanut butter and the pears) and we headed off to Alan’s land.

Well, not all of us. Alice, Jennifer and Grace went with TG in his car, to get more groceries (and gas). The rest of us (Daniel, Bikey, the RoxLat boys, Xenia, Pete and Chris) piled into a MaP bus.

There’s something about riding around in cars that I really love (for periods of time less than 90 minutes, that is!) I really enjoyed seeing Bots from the car – you can get a feel for the city of Gabs and you can sense when the city ends, and the town/more rural areas begin. We finally reached our destination after about 30 minutes, and it was a pretty neat area.

Alan literally just owns land there (apparently he lives somewhere else) and therefore there was no house nor garage nor anything else on the property. It was literally his car, a fire pit he had made, and then about a square mile of land. Since the bus arrived long before TG’s car, the bus passengers decided (at Alan’s encouragement) to walk around the property on some of the paths. Eventually we came to a huge rock, and I really wanted to climb it, but unfortunately I was wearing flats and jeans. Daniel and Bikey, on the other hand, made the practically vertical climb, and informed me that they could see South Africa from the top (not a terribly difficult feat since we were close to the border, but exciting none the less!)

We then sat by the fire pit and waited for our food to get there. This may sound strange, but it was fascinating watching some of the other teachers prepare their own brunch. Using the fire pit, two British women were preparing scrambled eggs and making bacon in a pan – clearly going all out for this “brunch.” The rest of us just waited for the food to come…

After about twenty minutes, Alice came through the bushes and she screams across the property, “Julia, you are going to love me!” I was a tad confused, but then I realised that she probably bought some really good food. Turns out my guess was spot on! She, Grace and Jennifer had bought jelly, ham, cheese roll, two avocados (they really do love me!), hummus, lettuce and a cucumber. “I was getting tired of PB and bread” Alice said, and I couldn’t agree with her more.

So instead of my millionth PB and bread meal of the month, we dug into the “feast.” I had a delicious cucumber and hummus sandwich, and there was even a sharp knife and a cutting board that we were able to use (which was super helpful since I had to slice the bread (and cucumber) by myself).

After, the girls/teachers who hadn’t walked around the property earlier had a chance to do so. I just sat for a bit and that was really wonderful – literally not doing anything, just looking around the property and taking it all in. It was nice to not have to do anything for a bit. We then returned home around 12:45, in time for lunch at MaP (yummy, once again sauce-less chicken).

I then had quite a bit of free time, and was able to Skype mum, Lulu, and even Aunt Barbara and Uncle Bill (father dearest was at Gann’s graduation!) After that I did a little bit of weekend-trip research, but it’s clear that much more will have to be done before we actually decide how we’re going to spend our two four-day weekends (and the rest of our weekends, too!)

Then I went for a quick run around campus and the “track” (it’s really a dirt/sand oval with somewhat straight white lines painted onto it, but hey it’s better than nothing!) I saw that there was a game of football just starting on the field inside the track, but it was just males playing, so I decided now would probably not be the best time to join in (especially since I haven’t really touched a soccer ball in over a year). Maybe Jennifer and/or Alice and I will join in next week.

Then it was time for dinner, which was a warm stew. Unfortunately, it is getting pretty windy, and therefore cold here. I talking to a girl outside the auditorium after I Skyped and she told me that June and July are so cold that there is literally a Setswana saying that means “visitors, don’t come in winter because it is too dark and cold.” Well, great. I just have to keep telling myself that it’s not Cambridge weather!

TGT: 1) delicious and scenic picnic 2) being able to Skype a lot of the family 3) warm stew (and warm bread!) for dinner on a cold winter’s night

Until next time,


One thought on “Sunday 09-06-2013: Picnic

  1. HAHAHAH so much of what you blog about has to do with food heheheheh 🙂 YAY! We got to Skype with you!! Made my day!! 🙂

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