Tuesday 11-06-2013: Football (finally!)

Today I was up again at 5:45 (since I had breakfast duty) and it was the start of an action-packed day. After breakfast (with the lights this time!) I learned that I would be taking over Dean’s form 2 maths classes for the rest of the week. I quickly got the textbook from the maths office with Josie, then it was off to a meeting with Mr. Laverick (the teacher of the maths class that Daniel and I are taking over).

Mr. Laverick showed us how to make tests for the students with previous IGCSE exam questions (turns out he makes them in PowerPoint, which seems like a very efficient way to do it!) After that we had his/our maths class, which Daniel and I are officially taking over tomorrow! I then headed to the library, where I had about half an hour to quickly look over my new maths class assignment. They were doing areas of triangles, but I wasn’t sure if this was new information, or if they had already learned it.

Turns out it was a little of both. They all told me that they hadn’t yet learned the information, but they had already done about half of the odd number questions that they were supposed to do in class today. Overall, it was a somewhat chaotic class since I had just gotten the material a few hours before and hadn’t really had time to prepare. But that means that tomorrow’s class can only be better than today’s (hopefully!)

After that, Daniel and I spent quite a bit of time planning our first lesson tomorrow. Part of this included asking Mr. Taylor if we could get mini whiteboards for the kids to write their answers on (because if they have mini whiteboards, they can each write their own answer, hold up the whiteboards facing us, and we can see who got the answer right and who still might need some help, without them getting embarrassed by “publicly” showing a wrong answer). We placed an order with Dora, but we weren’t sure if/when the whiteboards would arrive. Then it was off to lunch.

After that, I had maths clinic, which actually turned out to be quite the experience. Jennifer and I were “running” the clinic, but we got tons of help from two form 6 students (this is one of their Service SPE’s). Since the form 6s had both done the material more recently and knew the organisation of the material, they were actually a lot more helpful than we were! Once all the kids who needed help had gone, we had an interesting (and quite racially-charged) conversation with one of the form 6 boys. It was fascinating (and not necessarily in a good way) to hear his perspective on many different political happenings from Botswana and America.

After that it was off to FOOTBALL/SOCCER!! Jennifer and I basically ran to the field since we were both so excited to be playing football again. While she had played a little bit of intramural soccer during the school year, I hadn’t touched a soccer ball since last fall (which was a huge change for me, after playing for 13 consecutive years!) We both missed the sport dearly, and were eager to get back on the field, even if it was just for “social football.”

It turns out that social football was the perfect reintroduction to football. After some light stretching, we did some passing drills for the first half hour. The second half hour was spent playing a half-field scrimmage! It was so much fun running with the ball again (although the teams weren’t exactly split evenly, since the coach mistakenly put Jennifer and me on the same team, which won 4-0) but all that really mattered was that I was back on the pitch, playing the game I love. By the way, it is quite weird hearing this coach speak, because he sounds exactly like my high school soccer coach, James (who was also from England) and he uses the same British football terms like boots (cleats) and pitch (field).

After soccer, it was time for a long shower. We are lucky that some of the ladies who work here do our laundry for us, but they ask us to wash bras, underwear, and socks by ourselves. Since I had to wash my soccer socks in the shower today, my shower seemed to take forever! When I came out of the shower, I found that Daniel had left the mini whiteboards on my bed.

I was so excited that we actually got the whiteboards (especially on the day we asked for them!) – they seemed perfect, but then I looked a little closer and noticed that there was a design around their borders. But this wasn’t any design. These whiteboards (I kid you not) had PINK DANCING SHEEP around the outside of each board. I was ecstatic, but quickly realised that our class is made up of seven freshman boys (and two freshman girls). In the end, we figured that sheep whiteboards are better than no whiteboards, but I am worried that Mr. Laverick (and the students) will burst out laughing when they see them tomorrow!

After that, Daniel and I ran through our lesson in real time (with some help from Goitse). Then it was off to dinner, which was French fries and a hotdog without the bun. Jennifer and I agreed to split dinner again, and when I got back, I had some delicious toast with hummus and lettuce. I can’t wait for our avocado to be ripe (hopefully tomorrow) and then I can have toast, hummus and avocado!

After a little bit of lesson planning for my form 2 maths class, I headed over to the boarding house for prep duty. Prep duty was relatively uneventful, but then I started checking the downstairs rooms to make sure the girls were all in bed. One of the girls’ rooms was locked, and unfortunately we couldn’t tell if she was in her room or not. After about 15 minutes of looking for her, the TA’s told me that I could go home and they would check her in if/when she came back. I felt a little nervous going home without having a child accounted for, but the TA’s assured me that I should go get some sleep (and after such a long day, I readily agreed!)

TGT: 1) playing football again for the first time in forever 2) toast and hummus/lettuce as dinner part 2 3) the pink dancing sheep whiteboards (at least if the kids don’t like them, they will provide constant entertainment for me!)

Until next time,


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