Wednesday 12-06-2013

Crazy-late wake up today, since Alice realised that we didn’t have a staff meeting this morning, so technically we didn’t have to be anywhere until 7:10. So we got up at 6:30, and then had a quick breakfast (including toast, since our toaster now works!) in our rooms.

During the first block of the day, I was teaching maths (to the form 2 kids, by myself) and today did go much better then yesterday! I was able to do the problems out ahead of time and therefore anticipate any questions the kids might have (including making the squaring of decimals easier by changing them into fractions). In addition, I realised that it didn’t make sense to have them do every single problem in the book (which is what I did yesterday, and subsequently ran out of time) so today I picked a few example problems from each section for the kids to do, and the kids seemed to like that a lot better. Quite a few students even said “Thank you” as they were leaving the classroom!

After that, I had a bunch of free periods (to make up for the chaos of yesterday, I guess!) During the 20 minute break at 9, someone came in selling donuts, and Alice and I split one, and it was delicious! We have internet in the library now, which is great because all the interns hang out in there when we don’t have classes (and it makes it easier for students to find us if they need help). Not to mention, it’s much nicer than sitting on the cold ground outside bean bag/pot to “steal” their WiFi.

Right before our maths class, Daniel and I tested out one of the pink-dancing-sheep whiteboards. It turns out that they don’t erase very well, so we’re going to have to return them! As you can imagine, I was super-bummed (and considered keeping the one we already opened, but then realised that the school was paying for them!)

Our class went pretty well today, but I think we may have overwhelmed the students a bit. Daniel and I were so eager that I think we tried to teach them a little too much for one day. However, Mr. Laverick made a great point – we taught them “too much” today, so we just have to balance that by teaching them “too little” tomorrow (i.e. just going through example problems with them tomorrow, and not trying to add any new knowledge).

After lunch, I had a bit of down time where I got to read more of Prof. Gilbert’s book, and then I went to check my email in the library (since Bean Bag/pot’s internet wasn’t working). A little later, a boy named Craig asked me if I could help him with maths. I agreed, but it turns out he didn’t really need any help! He was so brilliant, he was literally doing certain steps in the equations faster than I could in my head. It turns out that he needed more organisational help (as in writing the numbers down in a clear line and not missing any steps) than actual mathematical help. It was fascinating to watch him work, though, and I was glad I could help him organise his work.

After that, Alice and I watched a little bit of the boy’s football match, then we changed and went to social volleyball. Alice was as excited for social volleyball (a sport she played in high school) as I was for social football. She led great drills and we were even able to get a little scrimmage going. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem like a lot of these girls had much (if any) prior experience, but Alice was very patient with them and really taught us the basics.

After the kids were done, she and I stuck around and played a bit with Jennifer and Grace. Eventually Bikey joined us, and soon it was MaP interns (and RoxLat boys) versus some older MaP students. It was an enjoyable game, played in perfect weather as the sun was setting.

Dinner tonight was amazing. Seriously, that is not something I say often here! It was chicken tacos, but they had delicious tortillas, and lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers! I enjoyed dinner so much that I even went back for seconds (something I’ve never done at MaP!)

After dinner, Alice and I sat in the staff room for a bit to get some (warm) WiFi. Then I noticed that there were extra mugs and spoons in the cupboard. I opened the fridge and, sure enough, there was some whole milk. I took some milk, poured it into the mug, brought it back (with a spoon) to the annex, poured some cheerios in and had a delicious snack!

I then had tutoring with Tina (one of the girls I met at social football). She was having some trouble with manipulating numbers inside and outside of the square root sign, but I think she was finally able to understand the concepts in the 40 minutes I was with her!

TGT: 1) delicious dinner and cheerios snack 2) playing volleyball with everyone (and the laughter that ensued) 3) successfully teaching maths today

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