Thursday 13-06-2013

Today Alice and I woke up at 5:55 and headed off to breakfast. We were both really sore – Alice from constantly serving up volleyballs to everyone yesterday, and I was sore from the combination of a little bit of volleyball yesterday and football two days ago. The mornings here are getting colder and colder (since it’s winter in Botswana), but thankfully I brought a fleece (and gloves!). Also it’s weird because it’ll start off constantly around 35-40 degrees, and always end up around 65-70 degrees in the late morning/early afternoon (and I’m always perfectly fine wearing shorts and short-sleeves to football practice). After breakfast we had our staff meeting, and then during second period I taught my F2 maths class.

I didn’t realise it, but some classes meet in different classrooms on different days in the cycle. (Similar to Weston High, MaP operates on a 6-day cycle, as opposed to having the same schedule every Monday.) Once I found the room where class was being held today, the class went pretty smoothly. I feel bad because all I do is teach a concept, and then reinforce it by having the kids do problems in their textbook, but those are the only materials that Dean gave me!

After that I had some free periods, and, since I didn’t get to have a sandwich at tea time, I made my delicious cereal-in-a-mug snack (hooray for calcium!) After that, Daniel and I planned our lesson for our F3 maths class tomorrow. I also did a little research on travel (like where we could go for our two and four-day weekends).
Then it was off to lunch, followed by some more reading of Prof. Gilbert’s book. It really is such an interesting and thought-provoking book, although I recognise a lot of what he’s talking about from his intro to psychology class I took first semester!

Later in the afternoon, it was time for social football. Apparently, Thursday is the “conditioning day” though it’s debatable how much conditioning versus hanging around was done. We did do some jumping jacks and other exercises, and every time Brita (the assistant coach) mentioned sprinting as a punishment I kept saying “yay” and getting strange looks from the students. It was really good to get outside and get fresh air, though, since it can get pretty dull staying in libraries and classrooms for hours on end!

Afterwards, Jennifer and I stretched and talked on the grass behind the football pitch. We both desperately wanted to join in on the boy’s football practice, but no one invited us (and it just didn’t seem right to invite ourselves into their practice). After a couple of minutes of staring longingly, hoping someone would invite us to join in, we headed back home to shower.

But before I showered, Xenia (the college grad who is here helping out with outdoor leadership and education) came downstairs and asked if Jennifer and/or I would like to go with her on a run outside of MaP’s campus. Since there were three of us, and since it was still daylight, we agreed, so long as we kept the run short, since Jennifer had to be back in time for dinner duty.

To be honest, the run was nothing special. I was running with a water bottle in one hand and a cell phone in the other. We ran on a little trail on the side of the road, a lot of which was sand (which my shins appreciated!) Xenia put it best, when she said that she didn’t really feel unsafe, but rather uncomfortable (a few men shouted at us, but nothing more than that really happened). It was a good experience, but not one I think I’ll be itching to repeat anytime soon.

After that it was time for dinner, which was also really good tonight. I got three oranges (two of which I ate tonight, one I saved for breakfast tomorrow). Since the avocados were starting to feel soft on the outside (and since we’ve almost had them for a week!) Alice and I decided that tonight would be the night when we have toast, hummus and avocado.

I was so so so excited, but as we were cutting the avocado open, we realised something wasn’t quite right. It was rock hard! I guess avocados here take quite a long time to ripen. It literally was like cutting an apple, it was that tough. We decided to let them sit in a bag another night, in hopes that they’ll be ready for tomorrow. As Alice noted, MLIA – my life is avocados.

After that I checked email in the staff room, and after a bit of writing and reading, it was off to bed!

TGT: 1) cheerio snack 2) social football “conditioning”/hanging out with some very entertaining MaP students 3) multiple oranges tonight for dinner (aka bringing my Annenberg-fruit-stealing skills to MaP).

Until next time


One thought on “Thursday 13-06-2013

  1. I still find it funny that you’re spelling certain words the “British” way…and I’m also wondering if you’re doing it on purpose or not…because I know your spelling abilities hehehe 🙂

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