Saturday 15-06-2013: Mokolodi Game Reserve

Today we got to sleep in all the way until 8:10! But the greatness didn’t stop there. Today at breakfast, there were delicious mini cinnamon pastries and green grapes! It was actually super-exciting, especially for a weekend breakfast. After breakfast and a quick packing of all our stuff, we were off to the Mokolodi game reserve.

When we first got there, we were able to look around the tiny gift shop for a bit, but there wasn’t much to look at, and what was there was pretty expensive. We then piled into the safari vehicle. The vehicle was pretty crowded (five rows of five people each!), and there was a very interesting woman sitting between Alice and me. She noticed my Harvard jacket and told us that she (and her husband) had gone to Harvard, and were members of the class of 1994 and 96, respectively. They were currently travelling with some friends from high school, and they had three adorable little children with them.

One of their children was actually the first one to spot a warthog. We were just ridding along the bumpy road and then all of a sudden, a shrill voice yells out “WARTHOG!” New favorite person? I think yes. Once the driver heard her scream, he stopped the vehicle and we were able to take lots of pictures.

The ride overall was pretty cool – we saw zebras, warthogs, impala, wildebeests, kudu, hippos, and a bunch of birds in a two hour time period. About three quarters of the way into the trip, we had a little break and were able to get out of the vehicle at a lake (where we saw the hippos, super far-off in the distance). Some pictures of the game drive can be found here:

Once we got back to the parking lot, we were able to have lunch in the restaurant that is inside the park. Lunch was really great – we were able to chat a bit (and Zach and Scott, the two RoxLat boys, and I discussed a lot of MA things such as Roche Brothers and high school a capella groups, which apparently aren’t really a thing in CA or FL). I had a delicious chicken burger and chips (French fries). The restaurant was outside, and it was perfect weather– not too hot, but not too cold, and the sky, per usual, was a brilliant cloud-less blue.

After that, we headed home, and once again, I really enjoyed the bus ride home. It was cool seeing yet another part of Gabs. We were even able to see Kgale hill, the hill/mountain that we climbed exactly a week ago! It’s interesting because there really isn’t a “downtown” Gaborone, it’s more like a spread out city with no real center.

When we got home, I was finally able to check internet (since the Wi-Fi has been acting a little funky recently). I also submitted my pre-term planning for what courses I’m tentatively planning on taking this coming fall (well, I only submitted two real courses, since I’m still not sure about the other two and the course selection tool wasn’t exactly cooperating). The two courses that I’m relatively sure about are the psychology tutorial (which I have to take to be a psychology concentrator) and EC 10.

It was then time for dinner (spaghetti and meatballs) and for once in my life, I didn’t feel weird about putting ketchup on my spaghetti because that was literally the only sauce available!

After that, the interns just kind of hung out. One of the drawbacks of Gabs is that there really isn’t a lot to do at night. While this is fine Sunday through Thursday night, it can get a little frustrating on Friday and Saturday nights. Yes, there are clubs, but you need to take a taxi to get to them (and after all the hassle of last night, none of us really wanted to go through that again!)

In the end, we just ended up chilling in Grace’s room. She has a great taste in music, and played a bunch of songs that I was able to sing along to. Alice and I played some cards (including a new version of Rummy) and I was able to edit some of my photos in Picasa. After a bit of writing and reading, it was off to bed.

TGT 1) delicious and beautiful lunch 2) relaxing night playing cards and hanging out 3) non-judgmental spaghetti with ketchup for dinner

Until next time,


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