Monday 17-06-2013

Today Alice and I were up before dawn yet again (5:45) since Alice has breakfast duty on Mondays (but, since there are two school holiday Mondays in July, we’re now officially halfway through with our breakfast Mondays here at MaP!) We had a nice breakfast, followed by a quick staff meeting at 6:55.

Daniel and I were teaching our form 3 maths during first period. We had the kids last block on Friday, and now first block on a Monday, aka at their most and least energized times! We made it work, though, and ended up going through elimination (for solving simultaneous equations), most of which they already knew. We actually were able to get through all that we planned today, so that in amongst itself made today a success!

I had second block free, so I was just chilling in the library, and then a girl came up and asked me to help her with maths. I said sure, but noticed something peculiar on her sheet. She was solving inequality graphs, but it seemed as though she did everything right, but just backwards. It turns out that that is just how they teach inequalities here, and it really made me think for a bit! For example, if you had the inequality x ≤ 4, then they would shade everything above x = 4. This is the complete opposite way of how I learned it, but it sort of makes sense – in the end, your answer won’t be where your shadings overlap, but rather where there is white space on the graph! It was a cool concept, one that really made me think for quite a bit before I was able to understand what was going on!

After a delicious tea and sandwich break, we talked with the form 6s about social life in college (as a follow up to our conversation last cycle about academics in college). It was moderated by the ever-sassy Mr. Laverick, who often walks the fine line between inappropriate and hilarious (and he is also the maths teacher whose class Daniel and I now teach).

Then I had my one free period of the day, and during 6th period, I met with Ingrid, the MaP scholar I’m mentoring. She had a bunch of questions for me about life in general in America, the weather in Pennsylvania (where she’s going to the Hills School) and college/the application process. Unfortunately, she was feeling a bit under the weather, so we weren’t able to get through all that I wanted to, but it was good to be able to meet with her, even if it was only for 45 minutes or so.

Next it was time for lunch, followed by a quick meeting with TG to discuss travel logistics (we didn’t get too far!) After that, Daniel and I lesson planned for a bit, deciding how we should tackle simultaneous equation word problems. Then I went for a quick run around MaP’s campus, and then Daniel and I finished our lesson plan (just as the power was going out!)

We then waited for a taxi to take us to Bull and Bush (where we had dinner on Friday night!) Bull and Bush has a delicious rib deal on Monday, and they certainly were delicious. And they were served with chips (French fries), which just made them ten times better. But seriously, the sauce was amazing, and all the interns finished with messy hands (and faces!) I would like to take this moment to say that I (somehow) managed to go through this whole meal wearing my mom’s white fleece and not getting any rib sauce nor ketchup on it! Truly a big day.

We then stayed at Bull and Bush until around 9:15, just chatting with Eno (the MaP alum who arranged for us to meet his granddad, the second president of Botswana). It was nice yet again to be out and about, experiencing new food and chatting with new people. In addition, we were sitting outside too, which was a little chilly, but provided a gorgeous view of the clear night sky. Also (big news), we finally took a completely safe and clean cab home! I was so excited (since all the cabs we’ve had have either been late, expensive, a tad unsafe or a combination!) and was even able to get the cab driver’s phone number.

TGT: 1) those ribs at B+B tonight! 2) going for a run all around MaP’s campus 3) meeting with Ingrid and hearing about her aspirations for being in America/life in general

Until next time,


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