Thursday 20-06-2013

Today I was able to get myself out of bed at the “normal” time of 5:50. I was still not feeling 100%, but decided that today I just needed to suck it up and go teach (and plus, I’d have all afternoon to rest). I was able to get some toast with peanut butter in me for breakfast, and was even able to check email before the staff meeting in the freezing cold staff room.

During first period, I took the practice SAT critical reading section that we assigned the MaP scholars for homework to help prepare for their session today. Alice and I then went to said session and it went pretty well (although it was kind of funny since Alice and I both had some struggles explaining the answers that both we and the MaP scholars got wrong!)

After that, it was tea and sandwich break, but I still wasn’t feeling too hungry. However, I just sat with a warm cup of tea in my hands and that was all I really needed!

During the next couple of blocks, Daniel and I took our form 3 maths test (mainly to make sure that all the questions made sense/that there were no blatant errors), and it’s a good thing we did! Turns out that a couple of the problems we had put on the test were just too challenging for our kids, and we ended up changing some things last minute. We then finally gave the test to the students last period, but unfortunately, even with our edits, it still seemed pretty challenging to them.

After lunch (which included a delicious chocolate cake made by Mrs. Khan since it was Mr. Taylor’s birthday on Sunday), Daniel and I tried to mark the tests, but unfortunately didn’t get too far. While we knew we were physically able to grade it, we weren’t sure if our “grading system” would be ok, or if we had to mark the exam exactly how the IGCSE exam gets marked. Because Mr. Laverick wasn’t available for consultation, our grading will have to wait until tomorrow (which is fine since tomorrow is day 4, aka the only day in the cycle that our maths class doesn’t meet).

I then went back home and took a much needed hour-long nap/snooze. When Alice came back from her maths clinic duty, we headed to the staff room for some WiFi. The internet was actually pretty speedy today, and I was able to get through some hilarious buzzfeed articles (especially the one Jennifer posted about the 37 things that you’ll only see in Florida).

After that, Alice, Jennifer and I decided to go on a walk (since I was still feeling too sick to run, Alice was experiencing a little ankle pain and Jennifer didn’t want to run by herself). It was really nice walking around MaP’s campus, although it did make us feel a tad old. In fact, we even saw two of the older teachers walking in the other direction on the loop around the school, and they jokingly chastised us for not running! We then watched the boys’ football practice from the sidelines for a bit, desperately trying to see if we could join in (no such luck).

Then it was off to dinner. Since I still wasn’t quite feeling 100%, I had some PB and jelly on toasted bread, and it was delicious! The warm bread melted the peanut butter and made it simply divine (this is one of the few culinary ideas from MaP that I may bring back with me to the states!)

The rest of the night was pretty low key – some reading, some writing and another lovely shower. Also, I must say, getting the bulk of our laundry not only washed, but ironed, for us is incredibly nice (especially getting into clean, crisp clothes after a warm shower!)

TGT: 1) delicious PB and jelly on toasted bread for dinner 2) going for a nice walk with Alice and Jennifer 3) clean clothes after a cleansing shower

Until next time,


One thought on “Thursday 20-06-2013

  1. Hope you continue to feel better! I can tell that if you’re not eating as much as you normally do, you’re still not 100% hehehehe 🙂 GET WELL SOON!!!!

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