Saturday 22-06-2013

Woke up today around 8:10, in time for a leisurely weekend breakfast. No surprise cinnamon rolls today, though, but that was OK because for some reason I still wasn’t feeling hungry. I made myself another toasted PB and J sandwich and then we headed back to the annex.

I was in charge of organizing a cab today, and I ended up calling KB (the great driver who took us back from Bull and Bush on Monday) to see if he could come pick us up at 10. He said sure, although he would do it for 40 pula. I said, perfecting my bargaining skills, that someone else could do it for 30 pula, so I’ll go call them….unless of course he’d would be able to drive us for 30 pula, and he ended up saying that that would be an OK price!

Alice, Jennifer and I then went to the staffroom to use the internet, since it was only 9:20. About 10 minutes later I get a call from KB saying he’s outside MaP’s gates waiting for us. I guess he must have heard “ten” and thought it meant ten minutes from when I called, not 10 o’clock! So we hurried back home, changed, and met him in the parking lot five minutes later.

We then got to Riverwalk, and, just like TG had told us, there was a craft fair happening outside the mall. First, however, we had some groceries and other things (including a BIG bag of cashews!) We then wandered around the craft fair (which was, in total, about 10 stalls, but many of them were selling the same crafts).

It actually worked out perfectly because Daniel and Bikey (who weren’t up at 9:30!) got KB to drive them to Riverwalk, and so Alice, Jennifer and I just hopped into his cab to head back to MaP as the boys were arriving. We got home pretty quickly, and for some reason, the shopping really seemed to tire me out.

After lunch, we watched a bunch of football games (yet again, MaP seemed to be hosting a tournament). The last game I watched was actually really fun – it was MaP against a school called Rainbow (which I believe is in South Africa). MaP ended up winning (thanks to PKs), and it was really funny watching Daniel in particular get so excited about the game (channeling his inner Momma Kizza, I guess!)

Later I was able to Skype with my mom and Lulu, and mum had some really great advice about how I should take care of myself to feel 100% ASAP. She basically said I should lay low for the rest of the weekend, which was a bummer since the interns were going out tonight, but in my heart of hearts, I knew that that was what I needed to do.

So after dinner, Alice let me use her laptop, and I was able to watch a bunch of 30 rock episodes and some of the Daily Show with John Stewart and the Colbert Report. The shows provided me with some much-needed humor and reminders of American culture!

TGT: 1) craft fair and fun shopping at the mall 2) skyping with Mum and Lulu 3) watching hilarious TV shows

Until next time,


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