Sunday 23-06-2013

Woke up today around 8:10, because there was no way I was going to miss the one great breakfast of the week! And I wasn’t disappointed. I made the cooked egg into an egg sandwich between two pieces of toast, and it was delicious! After that I was still hungry (yay!) so I had some dry cornflakes, which were also really good.

After breakfast, Jennifer, Alice, Grace and I literally stood in the sunshine, just talking for a bit. We got a few strange looks from students, but we didn’t care – the sun was delightfully warm and it was nice to be outside.

After that, I went and used the internet for a bit. Then I went back to my room and did some reading, and also played some card games on my computer (I finally discovered where the card games are, which are separate from the other games that come “built into” this computer).

By then it was time for lunch, and for the first time in a while, I got a “normal” lunch – chicken and potato wedges (French fry-like things). After lunch, Alice and I moved a bench on campus into the sunshine and then read in the sun. It felt really nice to be in the warm sunshine, and it is literally a ten-degree difference between standing in the sunshine and standing in the shade.

Daniel and I then lesson-planned for tomorrow’s class. We aren’t teaching any new material – we’re just going over the test, paying special attention to addition and subtraction (yes, this sounds silly, but a lot of our students, when using elimination, will only subtract the variables that cancel, and then add the other variables and the number).

I then had tutoring with Gape (pronounced Happy), one of the boarders who is interested in learning Spanish. She told me, a few weeks ago, that she wanted to learn Spanish, but that she had had no prior Spanish classes/lessons. Thinking nothing of it, I somewhat brushed her request for general Spanish help aside. But then a few days ago, she came up to me again in the caf and said she really did want help! I felt so bad, and made her a worksheet with some basic expressions (such as “hello” “how are you?” and “my name is”).

Anyway, by today she had finished said worksheet, and I spent a good half-hour going over it with her. First of all, she is an incredibly brilliant girl, so a lot of this came easily to her. That being said, learning Spanish, with a knowledge of Setswana and English, is so challenging! When I was tutoring a 7th grader in Spanish last summer, he found it very helpful when I wrote things out phonetically (so “hola” would be “oh-lah”). However, we encountered some problems today when I tried doing this with Gape. For example, when I wrote out “gustar” as “goo-star” that looked to her like “hoo-star” because here they pronounce their G’s as H’s (like in Gaborone, aka “hab-er-own-ee”)

It was a very productive 30 minutes, though, and I do think she is catching on quickly. I then stayed in the boarding house to chat with her and some of the other boarders for a bit.

Later it was time for dinner, which was “sweet cakes” (basically fried dough) and tripe (which I am not even going to describe here, but trust me, it is rather revolting). Thinking ahead, I brought down our leftover half of an avocado and some hummus, and made a delicious toast, hummus and avocado sandwich. Alice and I split one sweet cake, too, so I had a perfect dinner.

It was then time for Sunday night scrabble at Mr. Taylor’s. It was great fun playing next to the fire and eating (strawberries and grapes this time!) I even made a good contribution to the team – vendor (on a triple word score!) to make up for my prior spelling errors!

TGT: 1) hummus and avocado toasted sandwich 2) fun (and delicious) fireside scrabble 3) eggs for breakfast

Until next time,


One thought on “Sunday 23-06-2013

  1. That’s really interesting about how different it is to teach Spanish to students in Botswana.

    I can tell that you’re feeling better (since you’re more hungry)! YAY!! 🙂

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