Monday 24-06-2013

Woke up today around 5:50, a lovely way to start off a Monday in June. When we got to breakfast, the fire alarm was going off in the dining hall – a very loud bell that didn’t beep, but rather just shrilly and continuously pierced through the cold morning air. Thinking this would stop any minute, Alice and I quickly ate breakfast, but alas, even after 15 minutes, the bell was still going. We rushed out of the dining hall, and went to the staffroom (to answer your question, it took over an hour for the fire alarm to be shut off!)

After a brief staff meeting, I headed off to the library. Daniel and I finished planning the last bit of our lesson, and made some changes to the worksheet that we’ll hand out in class later today (gettin fancy, I know!)

Soon it was time for tea and sandwich break, and there was no way that I was going to be late today! After break, Daniel and I did some more lesson finalizing, and I also did some college research for my MaP scholar mentee, Ingrid (who gave me a lovely long list of 37 colleges that I’m now sorting into “safety school” “50-50 school” and “reach school.”)

Then Daniel and I had our maths lesson. Unfortunately today’s class went pretty terribly – the kids had just gotten their tests back (and as a result, many weren’t in such a good mood). Basically, they were either sad because they had gotten a poor grade, or felt no need to pay attention in class if they had gotten a (relatively) good grade. The lesson was just a big train wreck, and both Daniel and I left class feeling pretty glum.

Soon it was time for lunch, and after lunch (and about 20 minutes of relaxing) it was off to Makgasa reading. Today I actually read with the strongest “student” I have come across in my three weeks of coming to this school. Not only was he very bright, but we were reading one-on-one, so it was much easier to keep his attention. We read a bunch of stories (such as the Three Little Pigs and Goldilocks). One of the stories was written out as a play, and it was actually really fun to read one part while he read the other part. To make things even better, when I got back, TG informed me that I had another letter from Lulu waiting for me in his office!

After Makgasa, Daniel and I decided it was time to meet with Mr. Laverick (again). He was actually very good about not finding us (too) annoying, and really broke down the next unit into workable class periods. In addition, he provided us with some great stories of trips he’s taken over the years to Vic Falls and other parts of Botswana. He lives on campus with his wife, so it was nice to just walk right over and not have to worry about transportation. Between his crazy and hilarious stories and his guidance with how to tackle the next few cycles, meeting with him was just what Daniel and I needed.

Feeling (relatively) refreshed, Daniel and I headed to the staff room to start planning out tomorrow’s lesson. We’re going to be spending a lot less time at the board (and therefore we’ll be giving the kids a lot more classwork) which will hopefully retain their attention.

Then it was time for dinner, which did not look very appetizing at all tonight. Good thing I had smuggled in hummus in my jacket! I made myself a delicious hummus, cucumber and lettuce sandwich. I had toasted two pieces of bread as soon as I walked into the dining hall, and I’m glad I did because about 10 minutes into dinner, the power went out!

After dinner, we all headed home, and Alice and I spent quite a bit of time chatting in our room. It was really nice to just talk, even if it was in partial darkness!

TGT: 1) toast, hummus, lettuce and cucumber sandwich for dinner 2) chatting with Mr. Laverick and hearing his great stories 3) reading the play with the boy today at Makgasa reading

Until next time,


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