Tuesday 02-07-2013: All the delicious food!

Today was actually pretty spectacular. Alice and I woke up around 8:20, and we did something that I’ve wanted to do for quite some time. We walked to the bakery outside of Choppies for breakfast. Since we were at Choppies, though, I was able to do my (now quite regular) food shopping for the week.

After Choppies, we stopped at the bakery and were instantly entranced by the warm, delicious smell of fresh-cooked bread. The thing is, today, like the Tuesday after MLK weekend at the Weston Public Schools, was only a school holiday, meaning there were no lines at Choppies or the bakery since the general public was working their normal day jobs.

Anyway, I ended up getting a scone and it was SO GOOD. I started eating it on the walk back home, and once we got back to MaP, Alice and I decided we’d hang out in the staff room a bit, checking emails and editing photos. While there, I finished the wonderful scone and had an apple, as well.

Then, since Alice, Jennifer, Daniel and I wanted to go eat at this restaurant called Sanitas, I called KB, our trusted cab guy. The dining hall at MaP was still closed (it would be open for dinner, once the boarders came back) so we figured now would be a perfect time to explore a new Gabs restaurants.

Unfortunately, KB was busy so he couldn’t drive us, but he ended up giving me the number of someone else (who was also busy, but then Jennifer called Isaac who was able to drive us).

It was about a 15 minute drive – the longest cab ride we’ve taken in Gabs. Suddenly, we turned off the main highway and down a series of dirt roads. I was feeling very skeptical, but sure enough, there were many signs pointing us towards Sanitas. After a few more minutes of dirt road driving, we arrived at our destination.

Sanitas is basically two things in one – it is a garden center (complete with plants, pots, sculptures, etc.) and also a tea garden/restaurant. We were primarily interested in the restaurant, but had to wander through the gardens to get there.

Once we finally found the restaurant, we were promptly seated and ordered – I got a hamburger and milkshake (yes, I’m missing American food quite a bit!) The milkshake, made from gelato, came out first, and it was amazing. As I took my first sip, I proclaimed, “This tastes like America!”

Then came the burger and chips, which were good, but nothing special. The ambience, however, was incredible. We were in the middle of the garden center, surrounded by a fence, and with an enormous tree towering above us. There was a playground to our left (apparently this place is a favorite among families with little kids) and a fountain right in front of us.

Then, out of the blue, Daniel says, “oh my, Mr. Laverick’s wife is here.” Two seconds later, we all realised that Mr. Laverick was here, as well. Well, he was here, but he was on his way out, and in order to leave, he had to walk past us. I started waving, and as soon as he saw us, he rolled his eyes, clearly SO happy to see us! We chatted across the restaurant briefly, but he clearly had places to go.

Then, Jennifer, Alice and Daniel ordered scones to go (actually Daniel had his in the restaurant). While we were eating, KB had sent me the kindest text saying, “hope you were able to find a cab.” I ended up calling him for a ride home, and he said he’d be over shortly.

We had about 20 minutes to kill, so we were able to walk around Sanitas. It is huge – just row after row of gorgeous flowers and plants, and when those stop, it’s row after row of these huge, royal blue clay pots. I ended up putting some flowers in my hair to pass the time.

I felt like I could have spent hours at Sanitas (and next time, I’m going to bring my camera!) but soon KB was here, and we had to head back to MaP. Once we got back, the students were starting to arrive. Campus was starting to come alive again.

Then, I was able to do something I haven’t done yet in Bots – Skype with the whole family, all at once! It was really great to see everyone, and we realised that in exactly a month, I’m going to be on Long Island with them all!

After a quick shower, it was time for dinner. Especially after the wonderful breakfast scone and Sanitas lunch, dinner was a tad disappointing (hot dogs, but with some odd-coloured meat). That’s ok, though, since I was able to supplement with some cheerios and apples when we got back to the annex.

All of the interns ended up hanging out in the staff room for quite some time, and then I had prep duty (since it’s a Tuesday night tonight!)

TGT: 1) delicious breakfast scone 2) Sanitas – both the food and garden center 3) being able to Skype with the whole family

Until next time,


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