Wednesday 03-07-2013

Alice and I woke up today at 6:30 (since it’s Wednesday, meaning we only have to be at assembly at 7:10). I had two pieces of toast with honey and an apple in the room. Then we were off to the staff room, to find Mr. P. We needed to ask him to make an announcement, saying that the Harvard interns will be administering a full-length practice SAT on Saturday at 9am and that everyone is welcome to take it (cuz how else would you want to spend a Saturday morning?)

After the successful announcement at the assembly, I was off to the library for the first couple of blocks. While there, I started correcting some of the responses that kids had written about our visit to Alistair’s English class last week. One of the students even wrote about Veritaffles (I’m clearly teaching these kids well!)

A little while later, a couple of form 6 students came to the table I was sitting at and we had a nice long chat about psychology. I ran back to my room to grab Gilbert’s book, and told them to flip through it for a bit. They couldn’t put it down! I love spreading my love for psychology, especially because many of these kids, like me in high school, aren’t exactly sure what psychology is (which is where the Psychology 101 fact sheet I brought from home comes in handy!)

During second period, Alice and I booked our hotel in Johannesburg. From Sunday to Tuesday of the second four-day weekend (13-16 July) we’ll be in Jo’burg, and we’ll hopefully be able to see some of our friends who are on the Harvard Study Abroad program in South Africa!
I was able to make it to break early to snag some of the peanut butter sandwiches before they were all gone. The amount of bread that I eat here is ridiculous, but it is often either the only food available period, or the only food available that I like.

During fourth period, Daniel and I planned our lesson for our form 3 maths class. We’re teaching them arc length of a sector tomorrow, and hopefully they will be able to complete the problems we’ve set out for them, especially since they did area of sectors on Friday with Laverick (although I am a tad worried about how they will respond to maths after having not had any instruction for five consecutive days!)

After that I had a couple more blocks free, and then it was time for lunch. After lunch, I went home for a bit and had a really relaxing afternoon, a lot of which was spent catching up on these blog posts!
Later, I went for my first run in a long time. Gabs has been going through a “heat wave” (although not in the morning, unfortunately), but it was 84 degrees in the brilliant sunshine when I went for my run. Regardless, it felt good to be moving again, even in the dry heat!

After that, I attempted to take a shower. However, the water was freaking out on me, and I had to shower with one minute of water, followed by two minutes of letting the water “reset”. A little while later, the power went out.

Soon it was time for dinner – fish tacos. They were actually pretty good, mainly because of the delicious tortillas. They also had fresh veggies, including cucumbers, so I basically made a veggie wrap with very little bits of fried fish sprinkled in. I also took another tortilla and put peanut butter and jelly in it – it reminded me of FOP (which I know realise is something that I did almost a year ago!)

After that, since the power was already out, Jennifer, Grace, Alice and I all sat outside since it was relatively warm and chatted for quite some time. The power actually came on sooner than expected (around 7:30) and soon thereafter, we went to use the internet in the staff room.

I did some more research on our hotel (which looks oh so lovely!), sent some emails, and before too long, it was time for bed.

TGT: 1) tacos/veggie wraps for dinner 2) chatting outside after dinner 3) waking up late/toast with honey for breakfast

Until next time,


One thought on “Wednesday 03-07-2013

  1. HAHAHA what a teacher…being worried about the kids remembering certain things after being away from learning for so long 🙂

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