Thursday 04-07-2013

Happy July 4th from across the pond! Alice and I woke up at 5:50 this morning, determined to make it to breakfast because it was fried egg day (which is usually on for Sundays, but for some reason was on Thursday this week). The eggs were delicious (and there were cornflakes, too!)

During first block, I corrected homework for our maths class. I then did some more corresponding with Lydia from the guesthouse where we’re staying in Jo’burg (I was trying to see if it would be cheaper for Alice, Jennifer and I to squish into one room, but for about $8 more we can be in two rooms, and we all agreed that that would make more sense).

Then it was time for break, although unfortunately there were no PB nor jelly sandwiches today. That’s ok, though, since I now have going to the caf during break down to a science! Sure enough, when Daniel and I strolled into the caf at 9:15, all the food (bread, PB, and jelly) was still out, but the kids weren’t swarming around it! I made myself a folded PB and J on one piece of bread and headed back to the staff room.

After break (and cleaning my water bottle) I started to organise a college night for the students. I was sort of getting the feeling that a lot of the other interns had more on their plates than I did, so I figured that now would be a great time to spearhead the college night that we will hopefully be hosting for students and parents around Gabs. I sent preliminary emails to the group of interns and to TG, asking specifically what last year’s interns did and what worked/didn’t work in their presentation.

After that, it was time for maths. Today, we were switching up the seating chart, but unfortunately we were also missing two kids (i.e. missing almost 1/3 of the class!) We made it work, though, and were able to get through finding the arc length of sectors. In fact, today something very special happened – we finished everything we had planned to go through and had extra time left over! We literally didn’t know what to do, so I made the split-second decision to assign a (relatively) trickier problem, and whoever could complete it would get a Key Point. Turns out every single kid was able to do it (with some help, but still!) and it was really great to know that now everyone has at least one key point.

Daniel and I then tried to lesson plan, but we were a little confused as to how we should break up the remaining classes before we test the kids a week from Friday. We decided we’d talk to Laverick after lunch.

Lunch was good today, and included apple crumble/custard. After lunch we tried to track down Laverick, but he was out, so we made plans to tentatively meet him at 4:30/whenever he got back on campus.

I had a bit of downtime, and I took a super-short nap because for some reason I was feeling very tired (perhaps because my body wasn’t used to getting up at 5:50 over the long weekend!) Anyways, after waking up, I discovered a delicious snack – cashew nuts with a dab of honey on them! So good!

It was then time for social football. Jennifer, Alice and I got to the field at 3:30, and they had already started the warm-up/stretches! We quickly joined in, and then Alistair told us we’d be working on shooting today. Since Thursdays are usually conditioning days, we hadn’t brought our cleats, but we ended up just practicing/scrimmaging in our sneakers and it was fine.

We did a couple of shooting drills (although they were a tad strange since they were done on the mini-goal, but such is life). Today, I overheard Alistair saying many times that the girls should watch us because we were role models. While I certainly don’t consider myself a football expert, it was nice to be looked up to, regardless.

Next we played a half-field scrimmage. The girls were so funny and towards the end of the scrimmage, they kept asking for more time to play! Alistair eventually gave into their wishes and practiced ended around 4:40. Our cool down was a very interesting drill – when Alistair blew the whistle once, we walked on the balls of our feet, when he blew the whistle twice jogged, and three blows of the whistle meant we should sprint. Alice caught me with a huge smile on my face as I was running!

When I was finally able to check my phone after practice, Mr. Laverick had called. I called him back, and he answers saying, “you’re wasting your precious airtime, just come on over.” He actually was headed to the staff room anyways, so I intercepted him on his way over here.

Daniel and I met up with him in his office, and he cleared all of our questions up, and agreed to meet us again early in the morning tomorrow in case we still had more questions (and of course, he had some great stories for us, too!)

I took a quick shower, and then Daniel and I lesson-planned until dinner. Dinner was pretty good tonight – chicken pot pie (and then a PB and J sandwich I made myself!) After dinner, we headed to the staff room to use the WiFi.

After that, we were off to Fritz’s place (aka The Palace, where Chris and Mike used to live on campus) for a 4th of July party. As I first walked in, I saw a box of Oreos and just could not contain my excitement. Yes, there was plenty of booze, but there was also plenty of milk. I was basically in seventh heaven.

I went outside to roast a marshmallow in the fire pit, and all of a sudden, “You belong with me” by Taylor Swift came on over the speakers. I ran back inside, now with my nicely roasted marshmallow in one hand, and came bursting through the door to the palace singing. Daniel said that was the most classic Julia moment he’s ever come across – me singing and dancing with food (he has a point!)

After a bit, Jennifer and I decided to take matters into our own hands and change up the playlist a bit. We put on songs that we could really sing and dance to, and spent the rest of the night doing just that. Yes, I might not have a voice tomorrow, but it was so worth it. Singing and dancing under a starry Botswanan sky – it doesn’t really get much better than that!

TGT: 1) having a total blast at the party 2) fried eggs for breakfast 3) discovering cashew nuts with honey

Until next time,


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