Saturday 06-07-2013

Today Alice and I woke up at 8:10 and headed to breakfast, which was actually delicious this morning. Cornflakes, pears and these little croissant-like pastries with chocolate in the middle! After that, Alice, Jennifer and I went to the staffroom (since we’re the three interns who weren’t proctoring the SATs this weekend).

After that, I was getting a bit antsy, so I told Alice I was going to check out the gym and she decided to come with me. We had to get the key from the security guards at the front gate, but after that, the gym was ours.

It is actually a very spacious gym, complete with 4 spin bikes and some other very interesting equipment. For example, they had “stair-masters” that are literally just two spaces for your feet, and then you press one foot down and then the other. Then there were a bunch of weight machines – some that looked familiar, but others that looked borderline scary.

Alice and I wanted to do yoga, but unfortunately we only saw two very beat up maps. We made the best of it, and I was able to (attempt to) guide both of us through some of the poses that I’ve learned via Minardi Yoga (which are these incredible classes I took last summer in the loft of a Lululemon store!)

After a bit of yoga/stretching, we meandered around the gym. Alice discovered one of the machine’s purposes – it was a rowing machine, but with almost paddle-like sticks for your hands (i.e. instead of a piece of metal attached to a rope that you hold while you row, this machine had something closer to oars that you actually had to move around in circles).

Then, I discovered a trampoline! Yes, it was one of those mini trampolines, but a trampoline is a trampoline. I spent the rest of the time doing a little ab work, followed by some trampoline time, then a little weight lifting, followed by some more trampoline time. When I was putting the trampoline away, I came across these (relatively) beautiful yoga mats that were in much better condition than the ones Alice and I had used. Guess we’ll just have to use them when we come back next time!

We then headed to the basketball tournament and were able to watch a MaP-Westwood game, which MaP absolutely dominated! On our way to lunch, we walked by the classroom where the kids were taking the SAT, and they were just finishing up (i.e. Daniel was starting to collect the tests).

We burst into the classroom cheering and clapping, congratulating them on their accomplishment of finishing a full-length SAT. These poor kids looked exhausted (can’t blame them) and all they wanted to do was go to bed!

By then it was time for lunch, which was actually really good – steak, pasta and this delicious coconut cake (well, the cake part was delicious, but I wasn’t a huge fan of the coconut icing).

Then, Alice and Jennifer started grading the SAT essays. Since they were busy, and I was running out of soap, milk and apples, I decided I would head to Choppies solo. It was my first time venturing out onto the streets of Gabs solo (ok, maybe I’m being a tad dramatic, but regardless it was nice to know that I can do things by myself).

It was an uneventful trip, and I was even able to get another one of those delicious croissant-things (since I saw ahead of time that the dinner tonight was some sort of spicy chicken).

Then we started grading SATs. I will spare you guys the details on this one (mainly since I don’t want to relive it myself!) but needless to say, it was quite a tedious and annoying process that went all the way up until dinner.

Dinner was, like expected, some very spicy chicken and rice, and I was glad that I had bought my croissant earlier! Daniel, Bikey and I then headed back to the staff room to do even more SAT grading. I was also able to make myself some Ramen, which was really good.
The rest of the night was really chill – I watched some 30 rock, read a bit, and caught up on my blog. We were going to go out, but some of the interns weren’t feeling well, so we thought it would be best just to lay low tonight.

TGT: 1) delicious breakfast 2) discovering the gym with Alice 3) yummy coconut cake for lunch

Until next time,


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