Monday 08-07-2013

We were up today at the lovely hour of 5:45 am (since today is Alice’s breakfast duty day). I was actually still a little full from the feast/scrabble last night, so I just had some cereal and a slice of toast for breakfast.

We then hung out in the staff room until the staff meeting (and I learned that I’d be covering a form 3 history class today – something I’d never done before!) During first period, I graded maths homework and ran through our lesson plan to double check that everything made sense.

Then during second period, I had agreed to meet with Ingrid (my MaP scholar mentee) to discuss her college essay(s). One of her essays was so-so, but the other one had some really amazing parts in it (now the hard part will be organising it to make it flow and keeping all of the awesomeness there!) Anyway, as I went to sit down with Ingrid, Goitse was being very persistent in wanting to hang out with Ingrid in the sun. This seemed like a very odd request, so I ended up shooing her away, telling her that Ingrid and I had to work, and that Goitse could hang out with her during the second part of the block.

After Goitse begrudgingly left, Ingrid told me it was her birthday. Uh-oh I thought to myself. Then Alice comes to get me, and she says we have “roommate issues” that we have to sort out ASAP. Finally realising what was happening, I left with Alice and saw Goitse and gave her the biggest apology! Goitse went back into the library to get Ingrid and brought her outside. I ended up following them, and Goitse led Ingrid to the track where a bunch of her friends were waiting with cupcakes! It was so sweet, and I felt SO bad for “stealing” Ingrid away from them. We were all able to laugh about it in the end, though, and I was even able to take a bunch of cute group photos of them.
A little while later, we were finally able to go through Ingrid’s essay together and I showed her parts that I thought she should definitely keep and parts that she could probably revise or get rid of all together. Ingrid also brought me one of her cupcakes, which, as you can imagine, made my day.

By then it was break time, and all the interns had to spend most of the break standing outside the staff room and handing back the graded SATs. We were done with that around 9:15, though, so Jennifer, Daniel and I headed over to the caf where we were able to make some PB and J sandwiches!

Later it was time to teach maths. I was doing the bulk of the teaching today (Daniel and I usually switch off, so I’ll do the warm-up and cool-down and he’ll teach one day, and then we’ll switch). I think class went pretty well today, as we were doing the volume of compound prisms (so the kids had all volume information already, now they just had to put it together!)

During last block, Daniel and I once again tried to lesson plan, but we were both too hungry/worn out and clearly in need of Laverick’s advice. We agreed once again to meet him at 4:30. By then it was time for lunch, which was pretty good today (steak/stew, rice and an apple).

After that I took a quick nap, and then it was time for Makgasa reading. Or so I thought. Turns out that since Makgasa is a public school, they’re not in session right now, but I was able to jump on the bus to go to Childline.

Childline is a place for orphans and children whose parents can’t really afford to take care of them. All of the kids were around three years old and they were so cute! I had an absolute blast playing with Jack and then later with Ken, since Jack wanted to go back in and nap.
Jack was absolutely adorable and had remarkably good English, especially for a three-year old! I ended up swinging with him on my lap, and he started to fall asleep on the swing! We also played on a go-cart type car and around a jungle gym. Ken was quite a bit shyer, but we were able to play hide and seek for a bit, and he also enjoyed swinging. I was so glad I was able to go to Childline today, but so bummed that today was the last day (since we don’t have school next Monday and next week is the last week of SPEs).

When I got home, I went for a quick but super-hard run twice around the school campus. Then I took a shower and Daniel and I headed off to Laverick’s house.

We thought that we would only be there for about 10 or 15 minutes, but we ended up staying there for 90 minutes! We first talked about the maths class and the struggles we were having, and after giving us some sage advice, he told us that we should probably be at parents night (since at this point in time, we really know the kids as well if not better than he does!) Daniel and I said we’d be there, and I’m very excited to meet (hopefully most, if not all) of the parents in a few weeks.

Somehow we got on the topic of bungee jumping and I ended up showing him the videos of me and Daniel jumping. After a few more hilarious stories, his wife walks in, and rather suddenly asks if we have any nut allergies. Daniel and I both said no, and we politely asked why. She explained that it’s her birthday on Wednesday and that her friend wanted to make a cake that only she could enjoy, and so she made her this delicious chocolate-walnut cake (and Laverick won’t eat any of it, since he’s allergic to nuts!) Anyway, she invited us to each have a piece, and I of course couldn’t resist! It was absolutely amazing!
We then got to talking, and I learned that I have quite a bit in common with Mr. Laverick’s wife, including a love of Kate Middleton and an absurd fear of insects. It was hilarious to watch the two of us bond, while Laverick and Daniel would roll their eyes at our “crazy” ways.

I was having such a good time that (gasp) I didn’t realise it was time for dinner! Daniel politely said that we had to go, and as I checked my watch, I couldn’t believe that it was already 6:05! Dinner was ribs and chips, which unfortunately neither Jennifer nor I could bear to eat after our bad experience at Bull and Bush. I ended up just having salad, and then going to the staff room to use their hot water to make Ramen.

I was able to have some ramen and even check my email before the power went out. Then Daniel came and joined me in the staff room and we lesson planned in the dark (quite the experience, let me tell you!)
I then went back to the annex and Alice and I chatted for a bit (still in the dark, mind you). The power finally came back on right as Alice was leaving for prep duty. When she returned, she had a box of homemade cookies from the lovely Mrs. Khan (the same woman who made a chocolate cake for Mr. Taylor’s birthday earlier in the month!)

TGT: 1) having such a lovely chat with Laverick and his wife (and the delicious chocolate cake!) 2) playing with the kids at Childline!!! 3) “helping” Ingrid celebrate her birthday

Until next time,


2 thoughts on “Monday 08-07-2013

  1. That’s so cute that you got a cupcake! 🙂

    I’ll bake you yummy goodies when you come home – I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU!!! I miss you!!!

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