Wednesday 10-07-2013

Today we were able to sleep in until 6:40, followed by a quick breakfast in the room (toast with honey and an apple!) During the morning assembly, the boys from Murchison (an all-boys school in Scotland) introduced themselves in their kilts.

After assembly, I headed to the library to catch up on emails and blog posts. Unfortunately the internet was very slow/unhappy, so I wasn’t able to accomplish as much as I had hoped. During break I had some sandwich halves, but then Alice mentioned she needed to go back to the room, so I walked back with her and was able to make some toast with PB during break (since there was no bread/PB/jelly in the caf).

After break I met with Ingrid, and we talked a little more about college choices and narrowing down her huge list of 37 colleges to a much more manageable list. She told me a lot about her hopes and fears, about both high school and college in America. She also informed me that she is thinking more seriously about Canadian universities.

Then Ingrid had to go meet with a teacher, so I started grading maths homeworks. When Ingrid returned, we chatted a bit more and even exchanged blogs (well, hers is a tumblr, but same idea!) I finished correcting homeworks and then it was off to maths.

I had to go first to the classroom to set up, and as soon as Daniel came, I left because I had to go back to the annex to get some props. I needed to fill a clear tub-like container with water, and bring back a rock and a piece of wood. You may have guessed that we were doing density today – and we wanted to show the kids that things that are less dense than water float and things that are denser than water sink. I think today’s lesson was really effective because the kids loved coming up to the water to physically see the objects sinking or floating. In addition, we were able to sneak in some review for their test which is on Friday (i.e. the next time we see them).

After maths it was time for lunch, though we were a little late since maths was last block. Lunch wasn’t too good today, but when I got home, I had some cheerios and some more of those delicious biscuits Mrs. Khan made for us.

At 2, I hopped on the bus to Childline. Once there, I was able to play with an adorable little girl named Whoopi, and her dear friend whose name I believe was Lattie. The two girls swung together, went down the slide together and played on the monkey bars together, as well. It was a really enjoyable afternoon, and I was so glad I was able to return to play with the kids!

On the bus ride home, I overheard one of the MaP students who was helping me push the girls on the swing talking about track. Intrigued, I joined in on their conversation at the back of the bus and learned that he is basically the third-best 100 metre runner in all of Botswana (running in the 10s as a 17 year-old!) I was amazed at both his times and modesty!

After that I was heavily debating whether or not I wanted to join the Princeton in Africa fellows and some of the other Harvard interns in a game of ultimate Frisbee. I ended up going (why not grab all these wonderful opportunities that come my way?!) but just as we were getting into the car, something happened that has not happened to us in over six weeks.

It started raining. It was just a slight drizzle as we were driving away from MaP but it slowly increased to a total downpour. Now I’d be fine running around/playing Frisbee in a downpour, but this downpour involved LOTS of bolts of lightning. After a 20 minute drive to the park, we realised it really didn’t make much sense to play Frisbee, and the storm wasn’t moving fast enough to wait it out, so we ended up just heading back home.

The ride home took over an hour, though, but was made better with the help of great music and some interesting car games. We got back just as dinner was being put away, but thankfully I had texted Bikey ahead of time, and he was able to save us some plates of dinner!

The rain was crazy, though, and wasn’t just a passing thunderstorm. Herb later told us that a rainstorm like this will happen about once every 50 years in July! It was a total downpour for over an hour, complete with thunder and lightning. Afterwards I went outside and it smelled so good (although it was very chilly!)

We were constantly worried that the power was going to go out (since it normally goes out around 6:30 on Wednesdays) but I really needed to shower, so I decided to quickly step in the shower around 6:45. Miraculously, the power stayed on through my shower, but went out about 15 minutes later.

The power outage gave me time to catch up on blog posts and play some computer card games (much needed after such a busy day!) At 9 I tutored Gape for a bit in Spanish, and later it was time for bed.

TGT: 1) delicious toast with honey for breakfast 2) getting to play with the kids again at Childline 3) seeing rain for the first time in forever!

Until next time,


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