Thursday 11-07-2013

Woke up today at 5:50, because it was fried eggs day, meaning I was so going to be at breakfast! When Alice and I first walked outside, it felt so different from all the previous mornings – the flowers/cacti were glistening under the light coming from the lamps, and the air felt cooler and more humid. The rains from yesterday really seemed to change up the whole environment.

On top of the wonderful atmosphere, breakfast was delicious – fried eggs, toast, cornflakes, and bananas. We then headed to the staff room to use the WiFi, followed by a quick staff meeting.
I spent the first and second blocks today in the library, working on my blog and collecting general ACT information for the MaP scholars. Break had a good selection of sandwiches, but, not wanting to take too many, Daniel, Jennifer and I headed to the caf at the end of break to make our own PB and Js.

The next few blocks were filled with a bunch of miscellaneous activities. First of all, I basically realised that, for a bunch of reasons, we couldn’t use the Maitisong for our College Night presentation. Instead, I booked us in the AV Centre, which doesn’t hold as many people, but will allow us to use a projector. I also sent out the ACT email, and helped Daniel choose which problem(s) we should include on our maths test. Daniel will make the physical test and I’m going to grade them all (since he’ll be in Zim for the whole weekend!)

Next it was time for lunch, which was really good (braai chicken and rice and salad). After that, Jennifer and I walked to Choppies to get groceries (since the dining hall will probably be closed over the long weekend and we wanted to stock up!) As we were walking back, I remarked at how lucky we are to have a grocery store within walking distance!

At 2, we had to get our pictures taken for the MaP yearbook. After that, we met with Mrs. Marafe (a biology teacher) to try and get a handle on how she wants us to organise these organisms that are preserved in formaldehyde and are sitting around her classroom. Mrs. Marafe said she’d give us more details after the long weekend.

After that I rested a bit until social football at 3:30. Jennifer and I made sure to not be “late” this time (since last Thursday when we arrived at 3:30, they had already started warm-ups!) No worries, though, since only four girls showed up today! We ended up playing a really fun 3v3 quarter-field game.

Then, since I still had a bit more energy, I decided I would go for a quick, short run. I passed two girls on my way going clockwise around the big campus loop, and passed them again after I had turned around right before the parking lot and was coming back counterclockwise. They asked if I had been running that whole time (about 5 minutes!) to which I responded “yes” and they seemed amazed!

I spent the rest of my “run” talking with these girls – about Harvard, their walk around campus, and being a form 3 (they knew a bunch of students in my maths class!) After a lengthy shower (since I had to wash my soccer socks!) we headed to dinner.

Dinner was hamburgers, which were good, not great. The hamburger buns, however, were delicious (and huge) and in a way drowned the not-so-good taste of the actual hamburger meat (and, of course, the ketchup helped as well!)

After dinner I went to the staffroom and was able to chat with Lu and my mum for quite some time. It’s been a while since I’ve contacted them (besides email) so it was nice to get the “inside scoop” on how their summer is going.

After a brief meeting with Gape to talk about Conjuguemos, I was off to bed soon thereafter.

TGT: 1) delicious breakfast! 2) the 3v3 soccer game and run/walk that followed 3) the wonderful feel (and smell) that campus had after the huge rainstorm

Until next time,


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