Friday 12-07-2013

Alice and I decided to sleep in this morning, and I had a really nice Cheerio, yoghurt and apple breakfast in the room. Soon thereafter we were off to the staff meeting.

I spent the first two periods physically doing our maths test (to make sure that all the instructions made sense, that none of the questions were too hard, etc.) and then subsequently coming up with a grading scheme with Daniel. I also had to sort out some travel logistics with Clarence and TG. During break, I went and made a PB and J sandwich with Jennifer (I must say that we’re becoming experts at timing our entrance to the caf and missing the masses of children swarming around the PB and J!)

I then filled out some notecards, explaining to MaP students why I brought the books I’m leaving at MaP. I ended up bring Stumbling on Happiness (by Daniel Gilbert, my first psychology professor at Harvard), Outliers by Malcom Gladwell and A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L’engle (one of the first books I read with my mom!) I’m also leaving a fold-out pamphlet about psychology that will hopefully spark more students’ interest in the subject!

Next it was time to administer our maths test. While it’s hard to tell exactly how the students did, one of students actually finished before the block was over (which was something that didn’t happen with the last test we had on simultaneous equations).

Then, per Mr. Laverick’s advice, Daniel and I asked Dean (another one of the maths teachers) for the worksheets on sets and set notation (our next maths topic). Apparently, there is no information on sets in either of our two textbooks, so we’re going to be relying heavily on these worksheets. Unfortunately, that meant that we couldn’t lesson plan, but we were able to start grading some of the tests.

Then it was time for lunch. Since the long weekend technically started at 12:45, the caf was only partially open for lunch. We basically had boxed lunches – they were wrapped in white Styrofoam and had a little bit of meat, potatoes and salad inside (and I was also able to snag an apple, as well!)

We then had to get a cab to take us to the AT+T travel agency (the same place that booked our Kasane excursion). We were told by Clarence and TG that we should buy our tickets ahead of time, and now everything is sorted out and we’re all set for Jo’burg!

When we came back, we had a bit of downtime before it was time to leave and play Frisbee. I worked on my blog for a bit and also played some card games on the computer. Around 4:20, Jennifer, Alice and I piled into Pete’s car to go to ultimate Frisbee. We got to the field and there was no lightning this time (yay).

We started by just passing around a Frisbee. It was about 4:45, so it was starting to get cold(ish). Some of the more intense players started doing warm-up laps and actual stretches, so of course I joined right in.

Then the real fun started. I don’t know why, but for some reason I never quite equated playing Frisbee with running (perhaps because the only real times I’ve “played” have been standing still on a beach). Anyways, I am now officially obsessed with ultimate Frisbee. It involved lots of sprinting around people, and leaping up in the air to catch the Frisbee – basically the only two things I’m good at! While the hand-eye coordination bit was definitely an issue, it was really fun to be sprinting (and it was all on the grass, so my shins were happy!). To top it off, the field we were playing on was surrounded by mountains (including Kgale Hill, where we hiked our first weekend here!), and the sun was starting to set – we literally could not have asked for a more gorgeous backdrop.

After Frisbee, we hung around for a bit and had a few drinks. Then we were driven back to MaP by TG, but unfortunately we had missed dinner. It ended up being OK, though, since our avocado (from about two weeks ago!) was finally ripe, so I was able to have some delicious toast with avocado (and toast with PB, too, since I was super hungry).

Then I went to use the internet for a bit. While in the staff room, I made some ramen (with the instant hot water machine) and also had some cereal and milk in a mug. Successful dinner, I’d say.
After that, we got ready to go out. KB (the amazing cab driver) drove us all the way out to a club in Phakalane called Boulevard. It was pretty crowded, but very fun. We found Felicity, Isabelle and Hadley (some of the TAs at MaP) and had a pretty fun night singing and dancing. KB also took us home around 1:30. It was an incredibly exhausting, but really fun day!

TGT: 1) “discovering” the wonderful game of ultimate Frisbee 2) delicious (although somewhat scattered) dinner 3) going out to Phakalane

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