Saturday 13-07-2013

I was amazed that I was able to wake up to my cell phone alarm at 8:15, but I should know by now to never doubt the power of a hungry Julia! I was even able to convince Alice to join me for breakfast, and we were both glad we went. Breakfast was cereal (a Wheaties-like bran cereal) and apples.

After that, we both tried to take a nap! I say “tried” because for some reason, there were people doing construction on the finance office, which happens to be located right next door to the girls’ annex. Even though there were machines roaring in the background, it was nice to close my eyes for a bit.

We then used the WiFi in the staff room, and soon it was time for Sanitas! Alice, Jennifer and I had a really nice brunch at Sanitas. It was so beautiful, and relaxing and really great to just chat without having any deadlines looming over our heads!

The food itself was beyond amazing. I again had a chocolate milkshake, but instead of a hamburger, I decided to branch out and had a delicious grilled chicken and red pepper toasted sandwich. Dessert was literally Heaven-sent: a waffle, ice cream, and strawberries (literally all my favourite foods!)

I then got to Skype with my family! They noticed I was in a great mood, and my dad correctly guessed that it was at least somewhat related to me having eaten good food! After that, I finished grading all the maths tests, and worked a bit on my blog. I then went to Butterfield bakery (the one right next to Choppies) and bought one of those delicious scone-like treats, which I’ll be saving for breakfast bright and early tomorrow morning.

Later I went for a long run – I realised that, since I’m leaving for Jo’burg tomorrow, I’m not going to be able to run for quite a few days, so it was nice to go on a relatively relaxing, slow run around a mostly-empty campus. After a quick shower, I was off to dinner.

I had a really nice dinner with Phoebe and Fritz (two of the Princeton in Africa fellows). We chatted about my college choices, track, and life in general. They’re heading out to go camping either later today or early tomorrow morning, and are just as excited as Alice, Jennifer and I are for Jo’burg.

After dinner, I Skyped again with the fam (since our previous session had been abruptly cut short by a power outage!) and ordered a taxi for 5:30am tomorrow morning.

Speaking of which, lovely blog readers, I will be heading to Johannesburg tomorrow (Sunday) and will be returning late Tuesday night. I won’t have my computer or camera with me unfortunately, but I promise when I get home, I’ll try to describe my adventures to the best of my ability!

TGT: 1) really nice long run many times around campus 2) delicious Sanitas lunch and dessert 3) being able to Skype with the whole family!

Until next time,


2 thoughts on “Saturday 13-07-2013

  1. HAVE FUN IN JOHANNESBURG!! 🙂 I’ll miss your blog posts but I can’t wait to hear about your adventures when you get back to Botswana! Skyping with you (twice!) was super fun today!!!

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