Friday 19-07-2013

Today Alice and I eagerly got up at 5:50, since it was fried egg day for breakfast! The eggs were delicious and there was also cereal (and cold milk!) After breakfast, we headed off to the staff room for the daily staff meeting.

Before first period started, I printed out a reading, science, and part of a maths section of the ACT for the MaP scholars. Then, during first period I met with Thodi to discuss the answers she got wrong on the practice ACT she had completed a few days earlier. She really does remind me of the struggles I was going through with the SAT/ACT – the SAT never really “clicked” for me, but as soon as I saw that I was relatively much better at the ACT, I didn’t mind putting in the extra time, effort and energy!

During second period, I taught the bulk of our form 3 maths class– going over the English and set notation ways of talking about sets (subsets, elements, n, etc.) Then it was time for break, but we had to hold some kids in during break to finish up any missing homeworks they had not completed (because, to be honest, it’s just too much of a hassle to find an afternoon when they’re free for detention, and plus, half the time they don’t even do their maths homework in detention, anyway!)

After a quick PB and J and milk snack at the end of the break, I was off to do some more ACT review with the MaP scholars. We had to find a classroom to use (instead of Mr. Taylor’s house, since he’s currently away). They did the maths (and I subsequently helped explain the answers) section during the first period, and during the second period (since we meet with them for two blocks on day 2) they did the reading section and most of the science section.

After that, I printed out six copies of the full ACT, since I will be administering it to six of the MaP scholars tomorrow morning. I also put up posters for the college night info session we will be hosting in the AV Centre on Tuesday.

By then, it was time for lunch, which was rump steak and rice. After that I chilled in my room for a bit, but then Jennifer informed me that Ingrid was on campus and wanted to see me.

Poor Ingrid wasn’t feeling too well, but I was impressed that she came to school to pick up her books/homework (and to briefly talk about college stuff with me). We were able to make a lengthy list of all that she needs to do between now and when she leaves for her year in America – things like ask teachers for recommendations, get all her bank/taxes forms scanned and sent to the financial aid offices, etc.

Then, since her ride wasn’t coming for another half hour, I suggested that we go for a walk, since I figured the fresh air wouldn’t hurt (and might even be able to help!) We ended up sitting and chatting on a bench for quite some time, exchanging stories. At the end of our lovely talk, Ingrid told me, “Wow, I feel so much better!” This literally made my day – I was so glad I could “help” even if helping just meant sitting outside and listening.

Next, I went to the staffroom to try to get some WiFi (for some reason, the WiFi here for the past few days has been ridiculously slow). While in the staff room, some form 1 girls dropped by, looking for a teacher. I ended up chatting with them for quite some time, and they seemed to have an endless supply of questions about Harvard, America, and what I thought about Botswana.

It was really lovely chatting with these girls, but soon Jennifer, Daniel and I had to decide what we wanted to do about Frisbee this afternoon. Unfortunately, TG wasn’t feeling too well, so we didn’t have a ride there, and in the end we decided that we’d just stay home (since we didn’t feel it was worth it to take a cab over there, pay to play, take a cab back home and maybe have to find dinner along the way).

Then, I went for a really long (5 miles!), slow run. It felt so good to be out running, and I’ve been realising that it’s a million times better running around 4:45, when the sun is starting to set beneath the trees.

After my run and shower, we were off to dinner. Dinner was pizza (which actually wasn’t too bad since I was able to supplement with PB and J). ALSO, for the first time in forever, they had pears as the fruit in the dining hall (it seems like we’ve been eating apples forever!) When I got back to the annex, I had cheerios in a mug and some yoghurts, as well.
Then Daniel, Jennifer, Grace and I sat around chatting (and laughing) in Jennifer’s room. Then Daniel left, and, since we had the annex to ourselves, Jennifer, Grace and I started singing and dancing to Grace’s iPod music.

Soon thereafter, we decided that we were finally going to watch the movie The Campaign (starring Will Ferrell, Zach Galifinakas, and Jason Sudekeis from Saturday Night Live!)

We asked the security guards to open one of the English rooms for us, hooked up Jennifer’s computer up to the projector and watched the movie. The movie was actually hilarious (and there were even some references to things we find funny at MaP like solitaire and honey cheerios!)

After the movie and some hanging out in the staff room to use some WiFi (and a brief chat with Lulu), I headed back to the annex.

TGT: 1) hanging out after dinner and watching The Campaign 2) going for a lovely 5-mile run 3) pears at dinner

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