Thursday 18-07-2013

Today Alice and I woke up at 5:50 to make it to a French toast breakfast (although unfortunately the French toast was incredibly greasy). There was also cereal, though, so life wasn’t too bad! We then headed to the staff room to use the (painfully slow) WiFi.

During first period, Daniel and I planned for our maths class. We were teaching the basics of sets and set notation, and wanted to make sure that we didn’t confuse our kids! We also made sure to do out the physical worksheets ahead of time (and it’s a good thing we did since one of the worksheets was a lot easier than the others, so we were able to tell the kids to start with the easier worksheet). Class ended up going pretty well, although our kids didn’t get through as much of the worksheets as we had originally thought.

Then, at break, I discovered something amazing. Normally, for the coffee/tea, there will be cream out on the table to enhance said drinks. However, today, I was one of the kitchen women putting in regular milk in the “cream” pitcher. So (and you might already be able to see where this is going) I made myself a lovely cup of cold milk, to go along with my PB and J sandwich.

After maths, followed by a few free blocks, we were off to lunch – chicken and pasta, which was actually pretty good. I then went home and napped for a bit, since I wanted to be well-rested for parent’s night later in the evening!

After my nap, I went on a quick run, followed by a shower and snack. Then, I was off to meet Daniel and Mr. Laverick in the staff room. Mr. Laverick quickly briefed us on what to say to the parents – stress that the children are hard workers, that we wanted them doing 10-15 minutes of maths every night, and that we want them to start revising as early as possible for their exams in mid-August.

We were then off to the S1 classroom for our official parent-teacher conferences, and Allen’s mom was already waiting for us! Daniel, Laverick, and I sat behind one desk, and the parent(s) would sit in front of the desk. We would then discuss their child, offering specific details when possible.

For Allen’s mom, I was particularly nervous, since I had never done anything like this before! Daniel and I introduced ourselves, explained why we were helping out in the classroom, and then proceeded to inform her about her son. She then left, and eventually some of the other parents started coming around to our table, too.

For a while in the middle of the evening, we had no parents coming to see us (since we do have a class of only nine students!) so Daniel and I were able to snag some cupcakes (!!) and scones. We then chatted with a few more parents, and soon thereafter, we were off to dinner.

Laverick’s brother drove the three of us to Spur’s, an Applebee’s-like restaurant in the Airport Junction mall. While driving through the parking lot, we actually passed the restaurant where Daniel, Alice, Jennifer and I had our first meal ever in Gabs (Europa Café).

At Spurs, we ended up having a delicious meal (hamburger and milkshake!) and thoroughly enjoyed Laverick’s many stories. After laughing and eating, we headed over to Nando’s for dessert – delicious chocolate cake!

Mrs. Laverick then came to pick us up, and we had a lovely car ride home. Both Lavericks informed us of a craft fair that is happening on our last day in Gabs (27 July), actually on the field where we play Frisbee on Wednesday and Friday nights, and I’m really looking forward to going. Then they dropped us off at the annex, and soon thereafter, I was off to bed.

TGT: 1) taking part in my first parent/teacher conferences (and the accompanying cupcakes and scones) 2) going out to dinner and dessert with Laverick and Daniel and hearing all of Laverick’s crazy/hilarious stories 3) a lovely nap and run leading into a productive evening

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