Tuesday 16-07-2013

Today Alice and I woke up around 7:30, and headed to yet another delicious breakfast in our B and B. We then packed up our bags, checked out of the hotel, and were off to the Apartheid museum.

The Apartheid Museum was ironically located right next door to an amusement park. It was very strange seeing a roller coaster to your left, and this somber museum to your right. Because Alice had brought her student ID with her, we were able to successfully convince the ticket agent that we were all, in fact, students.

We then entered the museum arbitrarily, based on a race that our ticket had assigned us. I was a “non-white” and walked among other posters of non-white people. After a bit of wandering, we entered the physical museum.

The museum, though text-heavy, had a lot of very interesting information. There were sections on pre-apartheid South Africa (focusing particularly on the gold rush of the late 1800s), the physical apartheid time period, and a little bit on the end of the apartheid and Mandela election.

However, a few exhibits were under construction. They did have a “special” exhibit on Mandela, though, which was especially relevant since his birthday is on Thursday (18/7). In fact, while listening to the radio in Bigboy’s car, we kept hearing the announcer talking about Mandela Day, where people around South Africa are encouraged to spend at least 67 minutes doing some form of community service.

After a delicious lunch in the museum café (and the acquisition of a muffin that I’d save for the long bus ride home) we were off to the bus station. Unfortunately, the bus ended up coming around 3:20 (when we were expecting it to be at the station at 3) but even with the “delay” we left around 3:40.

I spent most of the bus ride listening to music and watching the gorgeous sun set out the bus windows. We stopped at the same gas station/mini mart as on the way to Joburg, and I got a (relatively) delicious chicken wrap and chips.
We landed in Gabs around 10, and after a little hassle, were able to find KB who took us back home to MaP.

TGT: 1) delicious breakfast at Life on 3rd 2) watching the sun set on the bus ride home 3) muffin snack on the bus ride home

Until next time,


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