Wednesday 17-07-2013

Today Alice and I woke up around 6:30 and had a nice breakfast in our room – cheerios and a yoghurt. Then I headed to the staff room to plan maths with Daniel while Alice headed to the assembly. Poor Daniel had arrived from Zim at 5am this morning. Both of us were thoroughly exhausted, but knew that we just had to get through first block, since that was when maths was.

Maths was pretty low-key today. When I went to the board to draw a shape for the students to find the area of, not only did I forget to label the shape’s height, but Daniel also failed to notice that this valuable piece of information was missing. Clearly, we were both a little out of it! The rest of class was spent going over the test we had given them on Friday, and starting on sets.

After maths, I had a few blocks free, where I was able to check email (something I hadn’t done since Saturday!) I also printed out some practice ACT sections, since many of the MaP scholars are planning on taking a practice ACT this coming Saturday.

Then I headed to the MaP scholars session at Mr. Taylor’s house, and I walked through the (rather confusing) ACT English section with them, and we also got part of the way through a science section. As I was going through the sections, Thodi (one of the scholars) kept remarking at how much more sense this test made than the SATs (and I obviously couldn’t agree more with her!)

After that, I met with Ingrid for a bit, and we continued to shrink her college list. For some reason, whenever I meet with her, the internet at MaP doesn’t seem to be working, and thus it is really frustrating to try to look up college information online (but thankfully Ingrid checked out a college book from the library, which was very helpful).

Then it was time for lunch, and after that, I headed over to Choppies. I got my weekly supply of apples and some more yoghurts, as well. I ended up bumping into some MaP kids at Choppies, and we walked back to MaP together.

Soon it was time for Frisbee! Today’s match had less people playing than Friday, but that meant that we got more playing time. Alice, Jennifer and I were all on the same team, too, and our team ended up winning both games (one played to 11, the other to 7). Today there was also a cow watching us play (quite literally) right next to the field.

After that, we ended up having a lovely dinner with TG. He took us to this restaurant called Juicy Lucy (which reminded me a lot of Subway back in the States) and I had a delicious chicken wrap. It was really nice to get to chat with TG, especially since we all have such busy lives and it seems like we hardly ever get to really sit down and talk with him.

TG then drove us home, and soon thereafter I was off to prep duty. I ended up having a really nice conversation with Kelebogile and her roommates, talking about Bots and how I’ve enjoyed my trip thus far. We also discussed our respective 4-day weekends. After making sure all the kids were checked in, I was off to bed myself!

TGT: 1) Having a blast at Frisbee and the delicious dinner that followed 2) talking with Kelebogile for a bit 3) helping Thodi (and hopefully some of the other MaP scholars) learn the (relative) joys of the ACT

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