Saturday 20-07-2013

Alice and I had to get up today at 8am, since we needed to ask the guards to open the maths rooms for our ACT/SAT tests that we were administering this morning. After a few struggles trying to open the door, we got everything ready for the tests, and then headed off to breakfast.

Breakfast was really good today – cereal (although with warm milk), grapes and pastries! We only had 15 minutes for breakfast, though, since we told the kids to start arriving at MaP at 8:45, so we could begin the exams promptly at 9.

I ended up only proctoring four of the MaP scholars for the ACT. While proctoring, I was able to catch up on ALL my blog posts, and also work on some scholarship essays, as well.

We ended up finishing just in time for lunch, which was meat and rice. There was also green Jell-O, which I decided I’d try today, but oddly enough, it tasted like a creamsicle (which was surprisingly good, just not what you expect when you see green Jell-O!)

After lunch, I took a mini nap and played some card games on my computer, just to decompress a bit. I then went for a quick but hard run twice around campus. Unlike yesterday, today was really hot, and I was also running when the sun was its strongest, so I got quite a good workout!

I then came home and showered, and then had a yoghurt and apple snack. Then I was off to grading ACTs, followed by the grading of SATs. This time around, we actually had a (relatively) much more enjoyable time grading everything. We decided that we wouldn’t mark the correct answer for the kids – instead, we’ll just mark which questions are incorrect, and then give them an answer key so they can find out the correct answers for themselves. Partway through our grading, the power went out, but we were able to finish everything just as the sun was setting.

Dinner was absolutely amazing tonight. Well, kinda. It was fish “tacos” which translated to veggies in a burrito. I had one veggie burrito, and then Alice (who is from California) showed me how to make a proper burrito (a very handy life skill!) The one she made was actually beautiful, and so much easier to eat! To top off the wonderful dinner, they also had pears! And, since there were tortillas, I was also able to make a FOP-like PB and J on a tortilla.

After dinner, since the power was still out, Alice and I just hung out in our room – she was alphabetizing the SATs/recording everyone’s scores and reading, and I was playing card games and blogging on my computer. About an hour later, the power came back on, and we had to decide what we wanted to do for the night.

Eventually, we basically decided that we wanted to just lay low – we were all surprised by how exhausted proctoring and grading the SATs/ACTs were! Alice, Jennifer and I had a really nice chat in our room for quite some time. After a bit more blogging, followed by some reading, I was off to bed.

TGT: 1) amazing breakfast and dinner today 2) having a (relatively) nice time grading the SATs/ACTs 3) chatting with Alice and Jennifer

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