Monday 22-07-2013

Alice and I got up today at the lovely hour of 5:45 (but hey, it’s the last Monday in quite some time that we will ever have to be up that early!) We headed off to breakfast, which was really good and included Rice Krispy cereal, French toast and an apple. After that, we headed to the staff room to use the (now painfully slow) WiFi and then had a quick staff meeting.

I spent the first few blocks trying to use the library WiFi. Eventually, I gave up and went back to using the (outdoor) Bean Bag Café internet, which is fast, but very cold in the early Botswanan winter mornings!

During break, we handed back the SATs and answer sheets for the kids who had taken the test over the weekend. Daniel, Jennifer and I also went to the caf to make PB and J sandwiches.

During fourth period, Daniel and I struggled through lesson planning. We were working on universal sets and complements of sets, and for some reason, we both kept getting tripped up on one small detail or another. Eventually, though, we got the hang of it, and realised that we should only give our kids one worksheet instead of two (which turned out to work perfectly in terms of classwork/homework time! A lot of this assigning work bit seems to be trial and error.)

We then went to said maths class, and it went pretty well. However, I think Laverick might have scared the kids a bit when he handed everyone a list of topics that will be on the term test (which is still relatively far away, in mid-August, but they should definitely start revising for that sooner rather than later!)

After maths, it was time for lunch – rump steak and some very spicy pasta (yeah, I didn’t think pasta could be spicy either, but learn something new every day!) However, there were also ginormous pears, which took me (literally) a good five minutes to eat!

Later in the afternoon, Jennifer and I went to Choppies. On the way there, Nomfu (one of the TAs) stopped us because there was a guy who wanted to chat with Jennifer. Nomfu and I had a nice chat, and since she will be at Smith next year, I told her she will have to visit me and/or my family. I told her how my mom absolutely LOVED her western-Massachusetts-all-female-college-experience (at Mount Holyoke) and Nomfu said she couldn’t wait for what this coming year will bring!

In our (maybe last) Choppies run, I got 1.5kg of apples, some milk and some yoghurts. I also bought Oreos and candy for our kids for the last day of maths (they’re going to be trading in their Key Points for food!)

We headed back home, and soon thereafter, I went for a run. It was super-hot today (and I had to run earlier in the afternoon than I like since we had to rehearse for college night at 3:30) but it felt good to be out and about regardless.

After running, showering, and snacking, I was off to the AV centre to rehearse our college night presentation. The rehearsal went pretty well, although we each had a few suggestions for our peers about how to make our slides more succinct (since we realised that we’re going to be giving the audience a TON of very dense information).

After that, I went to Bean Bag to use the WiFi for a bit, and then it was time for dinner. Dinner was hamburgers, which were good (not great) but yet again the buns made up for what the meat was lacking.

I then used the internet again with Jennifer and Grace. Jennifer and I were watching a lot of Kristen Wiig videos and just dying of laughter. We must have been quite a sight to see – a bunch of girls, in the dark, laughing at a computer screen.

I then headed back to the room, where Alice had the heat blasting, since it’s a Monday and the power was scheduled to go out any minute. However, for some reason, the power never went out, but it was nice to have an overly warm room.

TGT: 1) delicious breakfast 2) chatting with Nomfu 3) watching Kristen Wiig videos with Jennifer

Until next time,


One thought on “Monday 22-07-2013

  1. Hahahah that’s funny that you’re watching Kristen Wiig videos – can’t wait to watch some with you when you get back!!! 🙂

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