Sunday 21-07-2013

Today, our last Sunday at MaP, Alice and I woke up at 8:15. We were both pleasantly surprised by how light it was outside – waking up in the daylight really makes a huge difference, both in terms of physical warmth and mood. We headed off to breakfast, eagerly anticipating the fried eggs.

Breakfast turned out to exceed expectations (guess they were saving the best Sunday breakfast for last!) There were fried eggs, cornflakes, pears and warm mini scones. I was literally in seventh heaven (and was even able to go back up for seconds of cornflakes!)

I then went to the staffroom to use the WiFi for a bit. As I checked my blog’s statistics, I was absolutely amazed to see that yesterday, people from seven different countries were reading my blog (America, Bolivia, South Africa, Botswana, Chile, UK and Australia!) Perhaps I should publicize on Facebook more often!

Anywho, after a quick internet check, I went back to get ready for church! I had texted Felicity (one of the TAs at MaP) asking if I could come to church with her on Sunday, and she said to be ready to go at 9:45. Grace ended up coming with us as well, and soon we were off to church.

Because we were driving to church, I thought it would be quite far away, but it actually turned out to be the exact same church that Jennifer, Xenia and I had ran to a few weeks earlier when we went for an “exploration run” outside of MaP’s gates.

We got to mass a little before 10, and Felicity, Grace and I sat in the second row. The service started with the singing of many songs. I was pleasantly surprised that I could join in on the music, since the lyrics were posted on two screens near the front of the place where the celebration was being held (which looked somewhat like a parish center, with rows of portable chairs).

After the singing, a man read through all the announcement in this week’s “bulletin” – items ranging from congratulating a female bicyclist to visiting the sick in the hospital. Soon thereafter, he asked if there were any visitors at mass this morning. Grace and I and about a dozen others stood up and introduced ourselves. There was a wide range of home countries for the visitors – Madagascar, Australia, America, Kenya and Zimbabwe. Everyone was welcomed with applause.

The pastor then went through an almost note-like PowerPoint presentation. Today’s topic was about positive growth though Christ, and he had many biblical passages backing up his points. It was so interesting to see how this service was structured – from the power points (shown on the same screens that earlier had shown the lyrics) to the sermon and everything in between.

At the end of mass, all the visitors were invited to the gazebo outside for tea and biscuits. There was a pound cake-like treat that was absolutely delicious, as well as fruit juice from Choppies! We then headed back home in Felicity’s car.
I had about an hour to chill before lunch, and lunch was really good today – chicken and potatoes and vanilla ice cream! After lunch, we headed to the staff room for a bit to use the WiFi some more.

At 4, we headed over to the main grassy “island” in the middle of campus to watch the form 4’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This took me back to the first Shakespeare play I ever watched with my dad – also AMND, and also preformed outdoors (though this one was done under the starry Montauk sky).

The play was very well done, although Jennifer and I would occasionally have to contain our laughter when the stray cats that roam around MaP’s campus would sit under the “stage” and appear to be watching the play just like we were!

After the play, we watched the boys play football for a bit. Then, since it was tripe night at MaP, we decided we’d head out to Bull and Bush with the Horace Mann interns.

You would have also thought that we had learned our lesson, though, since the first time we went to B and B, the service was atrocious and the second time, Jennifer and I got food poisoning. Well, we were back (third time’s a charm, right?) When we got there, many of the other interns were looking forward to the pizza, but then the power cut and they informed us that they could only make hamburgers (we decided not to ask why this was). There were also no chips, but that ended up being OK since they served us hamburgers with baked potatoes, which was a surprisingly delicious combination. All in all, it was a frustrating night, but much better compared to the tripe alternative!

TGT: 1) absolutely amazing breakfast 2) watching A Midsummer Night’s Dream outside 3) delicious lunch and ice cream

Until next time,


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