Tuesday 23-07-2013

Today we first got up at 5:15 because Alice had set the alarm for the wrong time, but she thankfully realised this early on, and we were both able to take mini naps until 5:45. Then I was off to breakfast duty, followed by a delicious breakfast of Wheaties-like cereal (with cold milk!) and fruit. At first, I thought there were just apples, but then the student in line in front of me dug out a pear from the bottom of the fruit bowl, and I did the same. After that, we headed to the Maitisong auditorium to prep for our goodbye assembly.

We, if I do say so myself, had an epic final assembly. We started off by calmly talking about our experiences at MaP. Then, Alice (as planned) said the final goodbyes, and started walking off stage, thinking we’d follow. Daniel grabbed the mic, and told the kids, “well, wait a minute. I mean, we started from the bottom….but now we’re here.” At that moment, the music started up (Drake’s Started from the Bottom) and we all took off our outer Harvard gear to reveal MaP gear underneath. We started singing and dancing and the kids were just eating it up! It was absolutely perfect, and we ended the song by swaying back and forth in a line with our arms around in each other. It was a great way to get to say goodbye to everyone (even though I won’t be leaving Gabs until bright and early Sunday morning).

After that, I had a few free periods that I spent in the library and outside Bean Bag café, making a PowerPoint of pictures of Harvard for our presentation in Mrs. Laverick’s class later today. Daniel and I then had a quick meeting in Mr. Laverick’s office, and discussed the problems from the book that we should use to teach the kids more about sets. When I told him that I had already bought Oreos and candy for the kids to trade in for key points on Friday, he responded with, “wow, I’m surprised you’ll be parting with that much food!”

Daniel and I then got on a combi for a five minute ride over to Northside primary school. When we got dropped off in the middle of the parking lot, we quickly found a security guard, who motioned for a random student to take us to Mrs. Laverick’s room. She greeted us warmly, and told us that she had invited another class of 9 and 10 year olds to sit in on our “presentation’ as well.

The presentation went really well – the kids were very attentive and engaged, and asked some really great questions. For some reason, they were very focused on sports and what sports teams we had (and they were very happy to learn that we had a club cricket team!) After the presentation and some more questions, we took pictures with the kids. Then, the other class left, and when it was just us and Mrs. Laverick’s class, the kids started asking us for our autographs! No joke, they literally wanted us to sign these pieces of paper they had ripped out of their notebooks! It was absolutely adorable (and made us feel rather special!)
After many hugs goodbye, we were off to call the combi driver.

Because we had a few minutes to kill, Daniel and I decided to look around the school for a bit. This is one nice school! There are shaded picnic tables, two mini football fields, an expansive playground, tennis courts and other lovely amenities (and this is all for a primary school!) We then took a short combi ride back home.

Soon it was time for lunch, and I was so glad that I got to lunch early because there was delicious chocolate cake (and the chicken, potatoes, and salad were actually very good, as well!)

After lunch, I went to the gym for a bit, and (since there was no one else in the gym to judge me) I spent quite a few minutes bouncing on the mini trampoline. Goodness, between the milk and PB and J’s and trampoline bouncing, I legitimately sound like a five year old!

Anyway, after showering and snacking, I got ready for college night (or college afternoon, as Judy reminded us, since it started at 4). We were pleasantly surprised that the AV centre was basically filled with students from MaP and Rainbow (a nearby school) wanting to hear about American colleges. The presentation itself went really well, and we all stayed after to answer more specific questions that people had.

After a quick WiFi check outside beanbag, I was off to dinner duty and dinner. Dinner was OK – spaghetti Bolognese (but with some very salty pasta!) When dinner was done, Daniel, Grace, Jennifer and I went back to beanbag and hung out with Nomfu for a bit.

I then went back home (since it was getting pretty cold outside!) and worked on some scholarship essays, and made a Spanish worksheet for Gape about how to use Conjuguemos. I then went to the boarding house, both to deliver the worksheet and also to start my last prep duty! A lot of the girls, as I was checking them in, said that they thoroughly enjoyed our assembly today!

TGT: 1) amazing farewell assembly (and with working technology, too!) 2) getting to speak (and subsequently sign autographs!) in Mrs. Laverick’s class today 3) delicious breakfast

Until next time,


One thought on “Tuesday 23-07-2013

  1. HAHAH I wish I could see a video of your goodbye assembly! Also, I like the part about sounding like a 5 year old 🙂 hhehehehe!!

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