Wednesday 24-07-2013

Today Alice and I slept in all the way until 6:35! I then finished the last of our honey cheerios and had a yoghurt and apple for breakfast. After that, we headed to the staff room.

During the first few periods, I updated my blog and used the internet (whilst freezing) outside the Bean Bag café. During fourth period, we had a very informative meeting with TG about our time here and what we would change and what should stay the same for the next group of Harvard interns.

During fifth period, I did the bulk of the teaching for our maths class. I now realise that that was the last time I’d be teaching maths (since Daniel will be teaching on Thursday and we’re giving them a quiz/giving away key point prizes on Friday!) We were doing more sets work, and I think the class went pretty well.

After maths, I went to the library, where I met with Ingrid for a bit. Natasha (another one of the MaP scholars) and Michelle (a form 6 student who, many weeks ago, said she had an interest in psychology) joined us and we had a lovely chat. I told Michelle that I was leaving the psych pamphlet that I had given her weeks ago in the MaP library, and she seemed very excited. She also informed me that she took pictures of the pamphlet, because she wasn’t sure if she would ever see it again!

I then worked with Ingrid on her commonapp essay, which is coming along nicely. It really helps that they are allowed to use 650 words (whereas I only had 500!) She even liked a bunch of my edits/suggestions, which made me feel good, since I’m obviously no English expert!

After that, we all headed to lunch, which was OK today. They did, however, have a surprisingly large surplus of apples, and I was able to have three! Then Daniel and I started lesson planning.

In the middle of lesson planning, Bruce (the head of the sports department) needed to meet with Daniel, so I went off to the bakery to buy one of those delicious scones – I ate half of it on the way home, and saved half for dinner. I also made some ramen in the staff room.

After some more lesson planning, Daniel and I headed off to Frisbee in TG’s car. We were the only two interns who ended up going today, but we were so glad we did! We only had enough players to play 5 v. 5, but it was so lovely getting to spend time outdoors, especially with Kgale hill in the background as the sun was setting. I wore my cleats today (instead of sneakers) and ended up scoring four points!

We ended up heading back to MaP around 6:30, since we wanted to get back in time for Tutti e Soli, MaP’s music concert. The car ride home was actually incredibly fun. We had the windows down, and music blasting and, even though it was freezing, I stuck my head outside of the window and sung all the way home!

Once we got back to MaP, Daniel and I demonstrated our teamwork skills as we accomplished the following in (literally) less than 10 minutes:

We entered the girls annex, and I started eating the rest of my scone, while he went to the auditorium to get the key to Grace and Jennifer’s rooms. Daniel opened the rooms and grabbed the bread (from Jennifer’s room) and the PB and J (from Grace’s room). While I ate my yoghurt, I handed Daniel first four slices of bread that he spread PB on, followed by four slices of bread that he put jelly on. We then put said sandwiches together, and started eating super-quickly. We put the fixings back in the appropriate rooms, I grabbed an apple, and we were off to the auditorium!

We managed to get to the show right as it was starting (i.e. 7:01)! The show itself was literally out of this world.

Well, at first it was like any other high school concert I’ve been to – it started with an orchestra, and then out came a jazz band. Next was an all-female a Capella group, and the second song they sang (Don’t you worry child) was absolutely amazing! There were some solo acts in between the group acts, and then came the marimbas.

Now MaP is known “around the world” for its marimba band. I thought that only meant that the marimba band literally travels around the world (which is a true statement). No, no – it was so much more than that! This marimba band is actually spectacular. These kids were singing, dancing, and playing the marimbas all at the same time (a full workout!) First the form 3s played a song (including, Michael, one of our students, who was front and center!) Then the SPE marimba band played a couple of songs. Finally, the MaP Marimba Band played about 10 songs! They were absolutely amazing, and I couldn’t believe the speed and vigor with which they played.

After the concert, there were some snacks (yay) and soon thereafter, I went back to the annex to shower (Daniel and I looked wonderful in our post-Frisbee sweat, but it was worth it to be able to see the whole concert and to get to play Frisbee one last time in Bots!)

Nomfu stopped by the annex for a bit a little later, and after I finished grading some maths homework, I was off to bed after a wonderfully exhausting day!

TGT: 1) amazing last Frisbee game 2) absolutely spectacular MaP concert, including the marimbas! 3) delicious Butterfield’s scone

Until next time,


One thought on “Wednesday 24-07-2013

  1. Wow, I can totally picture you sticking your head out the window and singing loudly even if it was cold hehehehe 🙂

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