Thursday 25-07-201

Today Alice and I woke up at 5:50 to get to breakfast. However, right after I finished getting dressed, the fire alarm started going off. We dragged ourselves outside into the cold morning air, and waited around for a bit, wondering if there was actually a fire. I don’t think there actually was, so I headed off to breakfast, while Alice went back to get some more things from the annex.

Breakfast was scrambled eggs, toast, and cornflakes. After breakfast, we headed to the staff room, to try to use the (still incredibly slow) WiFi. After the staff meeting, Daniel and I quickly met up to record homework grades.

Soon we were off to maths (first period). Class went pretty well today, and hopefully we’ve fully prepared them for the quiz on sets tomorrow. We even gave away a couple more Key Points!

After that, I had a few free periods, and used the Bean Bag WiFi to update my blog and check email. During fifth period, we had our last meeting with the MaP scholars, which we basically made into a party. We had music and food that TG had brought for us, and it was really nice to hang out with all the scholars (and not have to talk about any standardized tests or college essays!) Also, since today is Thodi’s birthday, some of the scholars brought her a delicious chocolate cake that we were all able to eat!

During sixth period, Daniel, Grace, Jennifer and I sat outside Bean Bag again and were able to watch some videos. I showed them Beyoncé’s Countdown: Snuggie Edition and they (thankfully) found it as hilarious as I did!

By then it was time for lunch – braai chicken and rice, which was actually really good! Soon after lunch, Jennifer and I took a walk down to Gaborone Sun, which is a restaurant and casino. More importantly, though, it has a Barclay’s ATM, which (at least for Bank of America customers like myself) has free withdrawals.

The walk there and back was really nice and Jennifer and I talked about what we’re doing and looking forward to after MaP, but also how we don’t really want to leave. That’s been a running theme throughout this week – at the same time being so excited to be home in about a week, but not wanting to leave this wonderful place!

Once we came back to MaP, I decided to head to the bakery again. I’ve always been someone who saves change – perhaps because at my old bank in MA, there was a “change machine” where you would dump in your coins, and they’d deposit the money right into your bank account. While they don’t have machines like that for my use in Gabs, I have been saving my thebe coins, and it turns out that I had just a little more than four pula in thebes, so I decided the bakery would be the perfect place to spend it! I, once again, got the last scone in the bakery, and it was absolutely delicious!

I then napped for a bit and played some card games on my computer. After using Bean Bag’s WiFi again, Daniel and I met to make our maths quiz. Afterwards, I went on a nice, slow, long run five times around campus.

After a quick shower, it was time for dinner. But this wasn’t just any dinner – tonight was chicken burrito wraps aka the best dinner at MaP (seriously). I had three (I was starving after my run!) and each one seemed to be better than the previous one. Alice showed me, once again, how to wrap said burritos, and by the third time I (kinda) got the hang of it!

We then returned back to our room, with the intent of starting to pack. However, because tomorrow is (hopefully) a laundry day, we both agreed that we’d start packing tomorrow since by then we’ll have all our clothes back.

After that, I blogged for a bit and played some more card games on the computer. I then went over to the GBH for my last tutoring session! I first helped Tina with her Kumon (maths practice books) and then helped Katlego study for a test she has tomorrow (on sets, ironically enough!)

TGT: 1) favorite MaP dinner 2) MaP scholar party 3) watching entertaining Beyoncé videos (and subsequently listening to Beyoncé whilst making our maths quiz)

Until next time,


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