Monday 29-07-2013

Today we decided to wake up at the luxuriously late hour of 8:45. Alice, Daniel, and I had a delicious breakfast in our B and B’s kitchen area. Alice prepared hard boiled eggs for us, and I was also able to have cornflakes, yoghurt and fruit.

After breakfast, we packed all our stuff, and walked down to the Company Gardens, which is an open garden/green space in the middle of Cape Town. We got there via Long Street, a place where Alice and I are very excited to do some shopping on Thursday morning before our flights out of South Africa.

We arrived at the Gardens and they were lovely. We walked through them “horizontally”, stopping briefly to take some photos, and then arrived at the National Gallery.

The gallery had a wide range of art pieces – from different time periods, materials and artists. One of the coolest things I saw was this (somewhat strange) documentary about a transvestite literally wearing a chandelier. This person walked around Newtown (one of the slums of Joburg) and the documentary showed the different impacts that the chandelier person had on the people of Newtown over the course of a day. Towards the end of the film, the chandelier lights up, and one of the people living in the slums said, “It was like Jesus was walking towards me.” Even though it was a very strange documentary, it had a great takeaway message.

Another one of my other favourite pieces was a statue of a horse with a female rider. However, the female part of the statue had a gorgeous, full-length blue dress on, and since horse was rearing, her dress was flowing behind her.

After we left the museum, we wandered around the gardens for a bit longer. They were beautiful and I was pleasantly surprised to see how in bloom they were, even though it’s winter here! I was particularly fond of this huge yellow flower, but felt bad picking one off of the vine it was growing on. After a little bit of investigating, though, I found one on the ground and carried it around for quite a bit.

We then wandered onto Long Street again, and had lunch at this delicious restaurant called Royale. I had an amazing burger (with caramelised onions) and a small side salad. To top things off, the restaurant had a delicious malva pudding, which reminded me of our Sunday Scrabble nights with Mr. Taylor (especially since they served said pudding with ice cream!)

After lunch, we hopped onto the blue bus and made our way to the Kirstenbosch national gardens. I love gardens, but this one was particularly impressive not only because of its sheer magnitude, but also because of the gorgeous mountains creating a lovely backdrop behind the gardens (and the great views of Cape Town in the distance).

We walked around for quite a bit, meandering along the different paths and over streams and grassy lawns. It was a lovely way to spend an afternoon, although we were a little rushed coming back to make it in time for the 3:40 bus. We managed to make it on, though, and spent the next hour and a half seeing new parts of Cape Town (including Hout bay, where there were children swimming!)

We then got off the bus close to 22 on Rose, and headed home. After showering, we headed to dinner. We had planned on going to a Cape Malay place, but literally could not find it. Instead, we found ourselves on Long Street again, and decided to try a tapas place that had come highly recommended from our Cape Town study abroad friends.

Fork (seriously, that was the name of the restaurant) was absolutely spectacular. We split kudu, beef, butternut, tuna, and kingklip tapas (to name just a few!) At the end of the meal, we decided we’d try the steamed broccoli and all three of us loved it! When the waiter came back asking if we wanted another round of tapas, I kindly said, “No, thank you, but we would like another serving of broccoli!” After a quick weird look, he brought some out for us!

We then headed home, used the internet (which is both a blessing and a curse, we are slowly realising) and headed off to bed!

TGT: 1) all three meals today were actually spectacular 2) walking through the Kirstenbosch gardens 3) getting driven through different parts of Cape Town on the blue bus

Until next time,


One thought on “Monday 29-07-2013

  1. Wow South Africa sounds so great!! Hope you continue to have fun! 🙂 CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU IN 2 DAYS!!!!!!! SO EXCITED! 🙂

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