Saturday 27-07-2013

Alice and I woke up at 8:10 because there was no way we were missing our last MaP breakfast. Unfortunately, since last Saturday’s breakfast was so spectacular, we had our expectations set a wee bit too high. Breakfast was still really good though – rice Krispy cereal and Wheaties and toast. Halfway through breakfast, Natasha (one of the MaP scholars) came to school to give us gifts, which was really sweet of her. She started saying goodbye, but then I convinced her that she should stop by school again later (after all the MaP scholars were done with a workshop they had to attend) to say actual goodbyes.

After breakfast, we went back to the room to chill for a little bit. We were both pretty exhausted from last night, so I just hung out in my bed for a bit, playing cards and updating my blog. I also did quite a bit of laundry, but instead of using regular soap, I was able to borrow some of Alice’s washing powder, which both smelled delicious and was probably a lot better for my clothing! I also moved the drying rack outside into the sunshine so that the clothes could dry before we took off on Sunday morning.

I then went on a really nice, slow run all around the campus six times. It was bittersweet, passing everything for one last time. I was stopped about halfway through my run and had a brief chat with Tina. Also, because it was around noon, it was incredibly hot outside, but I guess it’ll make adjusting to summer in New York that much easier!

When my run was done, I ate a yoghurt and then showered. I also washed ALL my running clothes, and hung them out to dry in the sun. That was actually why I wanted to run so early in the day – so that my clothes could get both washed and dried before leaving tomorrow morning. I then headed to lunch, which was actually a really good chicken and a tiny piece of pound cake. I was so hungry from my run that I also ended up eating a chickpea and carrot salad, which was pretty good.

After lunch, I headed back to the room and started packing. Grace soon called me into her room, though, and it turns out a friend from Kenya was visiting her. Her friend was super sweet (she gave me a hug the first time I met her!) and had brought a delicious cake because it was Grace’s birthday yesterday. Grace generously let me have a piece, and I chatted with them for a bit.

However, I did have quite a bit more packing to do, so after a while I excused myself and continued packing. Now, because a lot of our laundry is done for us at MaP (and by “done” I mean washed and ironed!) packing was surprisingly easy – I just plopped a lot of well-ironed clothes into my suitcase! The backpack was a bit trickier, but I was able to make it work. Also, I don’t think I was wearing my (mom’s) fleece when I came to Bots, so that extra space definitely helped!

By then it was around 2:30, and the MaP scholars were finishing up with their stress management workshop. They then met us in the breezeway at MaP and we had a lovely time chatting and laughing with them. Unfortunately, Ingrid was one of the first ones to go, and it was really sad saying goodbye to her. I told her that this wasn’t goodbye, because hopefully she’ll be coming to Cambridge at some point in the year to see Harvard. As she was pulling out of the parking lot, I ran to the other end of the driveway and (obnoxiously) waved to her!

One by one, the MaP scholars started leaving, until we were left with just a few of them and some of the upper 6 girls. After a lot of laughing and story-sharing, I had to excuse myself to finish up packing, since I was going to meet with Daniel and Laverick at 5.

After almost everything was packed, I headed over to the football pitch to meet up with Daniel. We walked to Laverick’s house, and were greeted by his wife (since he apparently was in the shower!) I gave her my Harvard Committee on African Studies shirt as a little gift and she seemed to absolutely love it, which made my day!

Soon enough, Laverick came down, and Daniel and I enjoyed another 40 minutes in their company. When Mrs. Laverick heard that we were having sausage rice for dinner, she invited us to have some soup she had made, which was absolutely delicious. She also heated up some pretzels which were magnificent, especially with butter!

After that, we said goodbye to Mrs. Laverick, and Laverick took us to his office, to give me some photos from the MAPTA tea. Yes, there are a few creeper-shots of me eating, but there are also some really nice pictures of our last maths class.

We ended up chatting with Laverick past 7pm. He then walked us part of the way back to the girl’s annex, and there we said our final goodbyes. It was hard to tell if it was lighting or emotion, but it looked as though there was a hint of tears in his eyes as he said goodbye to us!

After that, Daniel and I went to the girl’s annex to plan what to do about dinner. I remembered that there was often PB, jelly and bread in the GBH, so I went over there and made some PB and J sandwiches. This was also the perfect opportunity to use up my last ramen, as well! There was also some of our cake still left over in the staff room, so I was able to sneak a bit of that, too. Solid final dinner.

Around 8, Daniel, Jennifer, Alice and I headed over to the English room to watch “The Proposal” together. It was great to be able to relax and watch a chill movie with them. We spent a lot of the time laughing – both at the movie and at a bunch of insides jokes, and I couldn’t have asked for a better last night!

When the movie was over, Alice and I went around the GBH, saying goodbye to many of the boarders. It was really sad, but we told them to find us on Facebook and to definitely stay in touch! I just so happened to run into Tina on the stairs, and she gave me a lanyard she had made (that I had commented on when I was helping her with Kumon on Thursday) and I already have it on my backpack!

We finally made our way back to the annex, and there we said goodbye to Hadley, Isabel and Goitse. Once they left, we said goodbye to Jennifer and Grace and then headed to bed (by now it was about 11, which was late but it was well worth it to say one last round of goodbyes!)

TGT: 1) amazing last chat with Mr. and Mrs. Laverick 2) hanging out with the MaP scholars and upper 6 girls 3) watching The Proposal/laughing with Jennifer, Alice and Daniel

Until next time,


One thought on “Saturday 27-07-2013

  1. I like the “solid final dinner” hehehehe 🙂 Everyone is going to miss you at MaP – that just shows how great a teacher you were 🙂

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