Sunday 28-07-2013

We were up at the oh-so-lovely hour of 4:40 this morning (not even sure if I can call it morning!) Anyways, Alice and I got dressed and then I had two mini yoghurts and part of my scone for breakfast. I packed last-minute items (i.e. my retainers) and soon we were off, since the ever-trusty KB was waiting for us at 5!

The trip to the airport was oddly quiet (which makes sense, since not many people are on the roads of Gabs at 5 in the morning on a Sunday). When we got to the airport, I was finally able to give KB the USA lanyard I had been saving for him, and he seemed to genuinely enjoy it! We said our final goodbyes, and then we were off to the airport.

When we arrived, there were literally no airport staff members present. We saw that “airport offices” opened at 6am, and sure enough, people in uniform started showing up around 5:50. Everything ended up being fine, though, since we got through the line very quickly. Perhaps most importantly, my bag was about 4kg over the weight limit, but they still let me on without having to pay a baggage fee!

Our plane, miraculously, took off on time, and got us to Cape Town around 10:15. As soon as I stepped off the plane, I could tell that we were in a much moister climate, and it was beauteous! We found the cab that our B and B owner had arranged for us, and made it to the B and B in about 30 minutes.

We then got settled in, and omg is this place amazing. First of all, it is compact and cute, much like Life on 3rd. However, the best part is that breakfast is “serve yourself” and that means that there is always fruit, bread, butter, eggs (that you can boil) cornflakes and other goodies out in the open WHENEVER YOU WANT THEM.

Next, we met with Bruce, the incredibly helpful owner of 22 on Rose, who gave us a bunch of suggestions for things to do and places to eat. He suggested that we have lunch at Simply Asia, and it was a spectacular place for many reasons.
First of all, I had a delicious Pad Thai dish. In addition, our food was served to us after about only ten minutes of waiting (which, especially when compared to Bull and Bush, is lightning fast!) To top it all off, there were amazing 80s music videos playing on the TV in the restaurant, including classics like “Girls just wanna have fun.”

After lunch, we found the Red bus stop. After about five minutes, a bus came, and we paid and hopped on. We went up to the top deck, and were able to find a nice seat under the covering (which was nice since it was drizzling on and off).

We first “hopped off” at the Castle of Good Hope. After paying a cheap entrance fee, we were able to freely explore the fort/castle. It was beautiful, and reminded me of George’s Island in Boston harbour. We were able to explore along the top and ground levels, and even were able to see part of the museum, as well.

After the castle of Good Hope, we hopped back onto the red bus and just looked at different parts of Cape Town for a bit. The bus was actually perfect – since we were exhausted, all we had to do was sit, and we could just see a bunch of different parts of Cape Town. One of the coolest places we went to was the top of Signal Hill, which gave us spectacular views over Cape Town and the Atlantic ocean.

At my urging, we hopped off near the Camps Bay beach. It was so nice to breathe in ocean air for the first time in (what feels like) forever. I also touched the ocean, and realised that in a few hours, my family might be touching the exact same ocean (albeit a couple thousand miles away!) Alice, Daniel and I walked along the shore for quite a bit, and we were even able to walk a bit on a rocky jetty. There were HUGE clumps of seaweed all over the beach, which fascinated me, but were apparently much more common in California, since Daniel and Alice weren’t too phased by them.

After a bit of walking along the beach and meandering into a (too expensive) ice cream shop, we hopped back onto the red bus. The bus wove around the Atlantic seacoast and it was simply gorgeous. Cape Town has this (brilliant) policy where waterfront properties cannot block cars’ views of the ocean. As a result, many apartment buildings start at the level of the road, but then go down towards the level of the ocean.

And these houses are beautiful. I could already tell from where the sun was in the sky that they were going to get amazing sunset views, and they were modern, crisp and clean.

The bus finally dropped us off where we picked it up and we walked back to 22 on Rose to take a quick shower before dinner. The place that Bruce recommended to us was literally a one minute walk away from our B and B – a restaurant called Marco’s Place.

Dinner was good, not spectacular. I had a South African chicken dish, but the chicken was very tough. It did come with chips, though, and those were much easier to eat!

We then walked home, used the (amazingly fast!) internet for a bit, and then went to bed.

TGT: 1) walking on the beach 2) delicious lunch 3) fruit/snacks available 24/7 at the B and B

Until next time,


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