Friday 14 March, 2014

I’m BACKKKKK! Seriously, though, after a long hiatus, I am (true to my blog’s title) schlepping across the Atlantic once again – and this time I’d headed to Dubai!


Allow me to explain. This past year I ended up quitting the track team, and as a result was able to get involved in a lot of different extra-curriculars. One of the organizations I joined is called HCAP (Harvard College in Asia Program). I helped organize the logistics for a conference on Harvard’s campus during the end of our January break for delegates from different Asian cities (such as Dubai, Mumbai, Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Seoul, to name just a few). The conference was about sustainable cities and we had Harvard professors from many different disciplines come and speak to the students.


The great part about this cross-cultural exchange is that now we (i.e. the Harvard HCAP organizers) get to go to one of the Asian cities! So I (with nine other Harvard students) am headed off to Dubai from the Friday before spring break (3/14) through next Sunday (3/23).


This morning (Friday) I was up at 4:30 (which was even before my roommate Charley, who does ROTC, had to be up!) I packed some last-minute items/snacks and then met the taxi outside of Mather House. After a quick ride to the airport, we were off to Dubai.


I’ll spare you the thrilling details, but basically the flights were both about 7 hours long (Boston à London, then LondonàDubai).  I slept more than I usually do on flights, but still not nearly enough (maybe about 2 hours each flight).


We landed in Dubai around 8AM on Saturday morning.

TGT: I like to end each post by recounting Three Good Things that have happened that day – both to summarize things to you readers and also to remember the good (even on the days when the bad might try to overpower the good!) So my TGT for today are 1) Watching the sunrise at Logan 2) Being able to sleep for at least part of the plane rides (a big improvement over past trips!) 3) Packing two bananas and two apples that helped sustain me through 24 hours of airline food!


Until next time,



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