Istanbul Day 2 – 3.15.15

Today we woke up and went to breakfast right in our hotel. Breakfast was delicious – a combination of breads, cheese, hard-boiled eggs, walnuts and Turkish tea (that, surprisingly, wasn’t too strong!) One thing I discovered was instead of putting butter on my bread, I dipped it in honey and it was wonderful (and maybe healthier?)

After breakfast, we headed to Bogazici University. There, we had a quick tour of the university and found our “headquarters” – the Management Economics Club (which I will refer to as “the clubhouse” from this point on). After that we arrived at a lecture hall, where we had a brief welcome ceremony, giving us background information on Turkey, Istanbul, and the University. This was followed by many rounds of icebreaker games. We then went back to the clubhouse to have lunch.

Lunch was also delicious (albeit hard to explain!) It was essentially burritos, but the bread part had spices and a bit of beef already baked into it, and then you filled it with lettuce, tomato and a bit of lemon juice (and then wrap it up into a burrito).

Next was a traditional Turkish dance class, taught by some of the delegates. It was very entertaining and we all had a blast trying to master the new style of dance. The class was held in a gymnasium and sort of digressed into a game of soccer, which later turned into a Turkish form of dodgeball.

After that, we went to the Blue Sapphire, the tallest building in Istanbul. Unfortunately it was completely foggy when we got to the top, so we couldn’t see anything from the observation deck. However, that didn’t mean that the trip to the top wasn’t worth it. There was a 4D movie that essentially was a tour of Istanbul – it was as if we took a sped-up helicopter ride throughout the touristy (and historical) parts of the city. I was worried about being nauseous (since this was 4D – our seats were moving, there were wind machines, mist, etc.) but I ended up loving the experience. As we left the 10-minute movie, we were joking that we could just go home now since we’ve “seen” all that Istanbul has to offer!We spent some very brief time on the foggy observation deck, and then headed down the 53-story elevator.

After that we had about an hour to kill in the mall, so I went to H&M and some other stores. Next we went back to the clubhouse, had Domino’s pizza (which was really good, especially since by then I was starving) and played some rounds of Kings.

After that we headed to the Istanbul equivalent of Tasty Burger for some late night munchies. Juan ordered this delicious sandwich filled with chicken and French fries and I was able to try some of his sandwich. After that we went back to the hotel. Sharon and I tried to find a convenience store near the hotel to buy some snacks. Unfortunately we weren’t able to find it (we think it was closed since it was Sunday). Regardless, we had a lovely walk along the Bosphorus Strait, with the lights of Istanbul and its many bridges in the distance.

TGT: 1) amazing breakfast 2) Turkish dance class 3) walking along the Bosphorus

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