Istanbul Day 9 – 3.22.2015

Today (and by today, I mean four hours later) we woke up, showered and quickly packed our stuff. We had a quick last breakfast in the clubhouse, then were all given Management and Economics Club sweatshirts (which are incredibly soft and comfy!)

We took a group picture in front of the clubhouse and then were off to the airport. After multiple security checkpoints, we said a sad goodbye to our delegates; I got one last simit, and then were off!

I’m writing this last post from my seat in the airplane. I was so tired from last night/this past week that I actually have slept quite a bit. I am also incredibly filled with gratitude for my fellow Harvard delegates and of course the Turkish delegates, both of whom made this conference such an incredible experience.

In conclusion, here are 10 of my favorite things from the past nine-plus days:

  1. Scavenger hunt all around Istanbul
  2. Visiting the Hagia Sofia
  3. Visiting all the incredible mosques (Blue, Suleiman, the one on the scavenger hunt, etc.)
  4. Waffles
  5. That amazing last breakfast (and all the simit)
  6. Walking through the Dolmabahce Palace
  7. Boat cruise on the Bosphorus
  8. Partying at Reina
  9. Amazing baklava dessert
  10. Traditional Turkish dinner

Thank you all for such an amazing experience! Teşekkürler!

Until next time,


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