Thursday 10 March and Friday 11 March

As I was walking through Boston’s Logan International Airport Terminal E (the one from which all international flights leave) I was suddenly struck with a sense of nostalgia and sadness. As a local Massachusetts girl, I’ve left from this terminal for some of the best events of my life – spending a summer in Botswana, a semester in Sevilla, and HCAP trips to Istanbul and Dubai. I now realized that this was my last time coming through this terminal as a college student.

After checking in and going through security, we boarded our first flight to Istanbul. I sat next to a Harvard Quincy house alum from 2013 who was also a psychology concentrator. To my left was a woman from UNH who was visiting friends in Madrid and Sevilla (which, of course, prompted me to freak out in the middle of the plane pull out my laptop to show her my “Universidad de Sevilla” sticker that’s on my laptop cover, etc.)

Nothing too crazy to report about the flights, but because of an inability to get wifi in Istanbul, I had to submit my global health research paper rough draft as soon as we landed in Mumbai.

We touched down in Mumbai around 5:30am on Saturday morning. The airport itself is beautiful (and actually looks a lot like the “mushroom building” in the center of Sevilla!)

TGT: At the end of each day, I like to briefly recap Three Good Things (TGT) that have happened, both to remind me of my blessings, and also to serve as a TL;DR for people who don’t want to read all of my musings. So the TGT for these past two (ish) days would be: 1) delicious food (including Turkish delight) on both of our flights 2) having an empty seat next to me on the first flight and 3) not losing our luggage!

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